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Evil Dead The Game – Best Support Tier List

Here is a Best Tier list of all the Support Characters in Evil Dead The Game.

Evil Dead The Game returns after its 2005 release. This is a Survival horror game based on the iconic Evil Dead franchise. There are several Missions you have to complete to experience the whole story of the game. Aside from the Missions, there is also a Multiplayer Co-op option where you can play as either a Survivor or a Demon vs the other Team. Under the Survivor Team, you have multiple Classes like the Leader, Warrior, Hunter, & Support. A Team can dope with the right Team Comp especially if there is an amazing Support Character. In this guide, I have made a Tier List of the Best Support Characters in Evil Dead The Game.

Best Support Characters Tier List in Evil Dead The Game


best support tier list evil dead the game

Tier Support Character Name
S Tier Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)
A Tier Cheryl Williams
B Tier Pablo Simon Bolivar

As you can see, the Character in the S Tier is Ash Williams (The Evil Dead). His abilities, those being Reassuring Presence, Alternative Healing, Marked Target: Damage, & Marked Target: Healing, provide a ton of support in the form of aggression. Ash does have to sit back and help the Team but can aggress and help the team.


The next one on the list is Cheryl Williams at A Tier. Her abilities, Healing Touch, Cola Coaster, Contact Courage, & Contact Healing, help her Team by sustaining them through waves of Deadites. It is not as good as Ash’s but is still a good pick. Ash’s abilities trigger while dealing Damage while Cheryl’s abilities trigger when she is healing. She will be seen at the back of the Team, supporting them by Healing herself.

And finally, we have the Last Support Character in the Evil Dead The Game Tier List, Pablo Simon Bolivar. He is a Support but his abilities, Gift From El Brujo Especial, Infernal Camouflage, Legacy Of El Brujo, & Shamanic Protection, help him for the most part. Of course, having a lot of Amulets is nice but that’s all he can provide for the Team. He is not that bad and hence is sitting comfortably in B Tier.

This was the Best Support Characters Tier List in Evil Dead The Game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like Evil Dead Game Best Characters Tier List.