Valheim: How To Plant Turnip Seeds To Make Turnip Stew

Here's how to find Turnip seeds in Valheim to make the Turnip stew.

Turnip seeds in Valheim are one of the two vegetables that can be cultivated right now. Turnip seeds can be used on your farm to get turnips. So let’s look at how to use Turnip seeds to make Turnip stew. Plus, find out if the seeds have any other uses in the game as well.

How to Plant Turnip Seeds in Valheim?

To plant Turnip Seeds in Valheim, you need to find and collect them from Turnip flowers in the Swamp biome. These seeds can be planted in tilled soil by using a Cultivator. You can find them in the farms of abandoned buildings so simply go to the yellow flowers in the area and collect Turnips seeds from them.

If by any chance you don’t have a Cultivator, use a Forge to craft it using 5 Bronze and 5 Core Wood. Then equip the Cultivator and right-click to open the Cultivator Menu. Select “Cultivate” among other options. Click on the ground to start tilling soil. Once done, again open the Cultivator menu, and select the turnips seeds to plant. Sow seeds on the tilled soil.

Plants need space to grow, so keep the distance between each seed or else they may not grow. Wait for few days before harvesting. Once they are ready, walk towards them and harvest the Turnips.
Turnip seeds Valheim

The Turnips you gather from the farm cannot be eaten directly like carrots, but it is the main ingredient in Turnip Stew. You need both Turnips and Raw meat in your inventory to unlock the Turnip stew recipe. You can also use Turnips along with mushrooms, berries, and carrots to tame a Boar. These items can also be fed to them once you domesticate them.

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