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Valheim Join IP Not Working

Here's the solution to the Join IP option not working in Valheim.

Joining your Valheim server using direct IP is one of the easy methods implemented in the game. But many players are facing issues while using the Join IP option from the game menu. This option is supposed to connect you with any server by using its IP address. This feature was supposed to upgrade over server browser and even make the entire procedure automated if you are always using the same server. So if you are having issues with this option, then read on to know more about joining IP option not working in Valheim.

How to Fix When Join Ip Not Working in Valheim?



If you are not able to join using Join Ip in Valheim, cross-check if the IP and port number you typed in is correct. If the default port in-game is not working, then try using both the one before and after it.
If you the one at the server-side, and inviting friends, then make sure to share the correct IP & port with your friends. Cross-check the ports from your router and make sure the firewall is not blocking them. To do this you will need to grant them permission to join the server through the firewall.
Also if you and your friends are playing on the same server, then you can make this entire joining process automated. Go to your Steam library, right-click on Valheim, and select properties. Enter the below code in the dialogue box under Launch Options inside General Tab:
+connect serverIP:portNumber
This will allow all the players in your circle to automatically join the same server fast and pick up from where you left.

That’s all you have to know about joining IP option not working in Valheim. To know more such tips and tricks to be the best Viking in this game, check out our Valheim wiki right away.