How To Make Iron Sledgehammer In Valheim

Here's how to Craft the Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim which is one of the best weapons in the game.

The best iron weapon you can craft in Valheim is Iron Sledgehammer if you have unlocked Iron. This weapon is even considered as one of the best weapons in the entire game by the community. The Iron Sledgehammer is also the most recommended melee weapon to used to beat Bonemass (the third forsaken boss), after summoning him. Many players don’t know how to craft the Sledgehammer. So without spending any more time, let us jump right into how to get Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim.

How to Get Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim?

how to get iron sledgehammer in valheim

To make Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim, you need to combine Ymir Flesh, Ancient Bark, Iron, and Drauger Elite trophy in the Forge. Also, make sure to upgrade your Forge to level 2 before crafting Iron Sledgehammer. Haldor will sell you Ymir Flesh. Get 4 of them to craft the Sledgehammer. Iron Sledge is a two-handed high tier Area-of-Damage weapon and it weighs around 4 units, requires a level 2 repair station. It deals 55 blunt damage, making it a favorable weapon to take against Bonemass boss battle. The weapon is so mighty even all-father Odin will be proud of you.

Here’s how to craft Valheim Iron Sledgehammer:

  • Build Smelter once you find Surtling core in Burial Chambers.
  • Make Iron by smelting Scrap Iron in Smelter. You need 30 Iron to make the weapon.
  • Chop down Ancient Trees to collect 10 Ancient Bark from the Swamp biome.
  • Buy and collect 4 Ymir Flesh from Haldor, the merchant in the Black Forest.
  • Drawer Elite trophy can be collected by killing Drauger Elite creatures. You need 1 trophy.
  • Make sure your Forge is upgraded to level 2 to craft Iron Sledgehammer.
  • From the Forge menu, go to the Craft menu, find the Sledgehammer and click on the Craft button.
  • You have successfully build Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim.

Here are the number of Ingredients for your quick reference:

Ancient Bark 10
Drauger Elite trophy 1
Iron 30
Ymir Flesh 4

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim. While you’re here, check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valheim Wiki