Valheim Fire Keeps Going Out – How To Fix

Fire goes out constantly in Valheim? Here's what you can do to solve this problem.

Valheim is all about survival and you need many things to survive like a roof over your head, some food and of course, warmth. You will come across plenty of obstacles while you are trying to build a life in the 10th Norse world and one of them is the problem where the Fire keeps going out in Valheim. Wondering how to fix that? Here’s what you need to do.

Valheim Fire Goes Out – What to Do?

Valheim is a realistic game and Fire behaves quite realistically too. To solve the issue where your fire keeps going out, you have to ensure that there is enough protection around it. Prevent the fire from getting extinguished by providing a roof and walls around it. Create a Chimney to ensure it is well ventilated. Plus, keep the fire lit up for a long time by adding Wood to the fire consistently.

Valheim Fire Goes Out

Rain and thunderstorms can make the fire go out but there are also other things you have to take care of like giving it a proper location. If you place it incorrectly or without a proper venting system, your house will be filled with smoke which is very dangerous for you. You have to ensure that the fire doesn’t choke as well. The planning of your home has to be done beforehand so that you can set up a fire indoors without any problems. As mentioned before, you need a makeshift chimney for that and we explain how to do that in our guide. Make sure that you have ample space around the fire which lets the fire thrive and prevent it from going out randomly.

There is a lot to remember while making something as simple as a fireplace but that’s the beauty of Valheim. It brings you realism mixed with fantasy. That is why this game has broken so many records worldwide (and why the game is so addictive).

Now that you know what to keep in mind to solve the problem of fire going out in Valheim, here’s more about protecting your base and bridge building. Plus, if you want to know where to look in order to gather resources, we’ve covered it all in our Valheim wiki.