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Zelda TOTK: What Does The Towing Harness Do?

Customized your horse with the Towing Harness but don't know what to do with it? Here is our guide on how you can use it in Zelda TOTK.

Once you tame a horse and customize it with the Towing Harness there is so much you can do with it in Tears Of The Kingdom. You can unlock this after registering in a stable. Here is how you to use the Towing Harness in different situations after unlocking it in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom.

How to Use Towing Harness in Zelda TOTK

Players can use the Towing Harness in a couple of different scenarios in-game. It helps you in equipping attachments to your already tamed horse. Here are some of the ways you can put your Towing Harness to use in Tears Of The Kingdom.

Towing Loads

towing wagon zelda totk

Since equipping the Towing Harness lets you attach wagons and tow them around. These wagons can then be loaded with items and towed along with your horse. This helps and makes it easier to carry tons of items at a time for long distances in Tears Of The Kingdom. You can build the wagon yourself with the parts you can find across Hyrule or you can find one near a stable.

Help The Koroks

tow koroks zelda totk

In Tears Of The Kingdom Koroks are scattered all across the lands of Hyrule. They are unable to move because of their big backpacks and players would need help from players to reach a certain place. Players can use the wagon towed by the towing harness to help the Koroks reach their destination. One can do this by using Link’s Ultrahand ability, lifting the Koroks, and gluing them to their wagon.

Completing Tera’s Quest

great fairy tera quest zelda totk

The First Great Fairy Quest in Tears Of The Kingdom will need you to repair the Stable Trotters’ Wagon. After which you will have to bring the Musicians to Great Fairy Tera using the towing harness. This quest helps you in unlocking the Great Fairy Tera’s armor upgrades.

That is everything on how you can use the Towing Harness in different situations in Zelda TOTK. And if you want to tame an animal other than a horse here is our guide on how to tame dogs in Zelda TOTK.