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10 Most Useful Discord Bots For Your Server [2023]

Here are the most useful Bots to invite into your Discord Server. The list includes the best moderation, giveaway, RPG, anti-raid & logging.

Discord, one of the best social platforms for communication and also the fan-favorite for Gamers. Discord allows us to connect with our friends as well as new people with ease. One aspect of Discord that makes it fun is the integration of Bots into a Server. Bots make life on a Discord Server so easy you question yourself if other Social Platforms would integrate this feature. So much can be done like playing music, handling admin tasks, playing games, learning new stuff, and the list goes on. Today I will show you a list of Useful Bots in Discord.


Most Useful Discord Bots for your Server 2023

Bots come in all shapes, sizes, and functionality. Some come in use if want to play some songs, some help manage your Server by removing unwanted users, playing games with each other, and so on. By now we all know about Bots like MEE6, DynoBot, YagPDB, and the like but I won’t be talking about them. Today I will be listing some useful Bots who are not that well recognized or are just under the Radar. These Bots are set in no particular order and are useful in their own way.

CountBot in Discord


First up on our list is the CountBot. The purpose of this Bot is pretty simple, it just counts. Yup, that’s its main purpose. Now it may seem underwhelming but this is low-key amazing. In a big Server, you can get your members to engage in a Counting Channel with power-ups, curses, milestones, and much more. With its leaderboard command, you can track who are the most active members and reward them for it.




Next up is Disboard. Now Disboard is Bot that doesn’t do much in your server rather it helps your server grow. Let me explain. Disboard promotes your server every so often on its official website when you use the bump command. Now the more bumps in your server the more people can find your server from the Disboard site. It is pretty useful to get more people into your Server. It is also helpful to find other servers you want to join.


Embedinator Bot


Embedinator is God-sent for Mods. This Bot allows you to create intricate and visually pleasing messages for your Server. Its basic function is to allow admins make embed messages with an interactive interface instead of the usual commands. You can make it as beautiful or as professional as you want very easily.


Logger Bot

logger bot

Up next, Logger Bot. Logger Bot logs any event that happens in the channels it is present for a server. It can help keep a track of many actions that occurs in the Server. This is to ensure that no ill practices occur under the Mod’s or Admins’ noses. Not the flashiest but pretty handy.

NezukoBot in Discord


NezukoBot might be the most interesting of the bunch. With NezukoBot, you can do tons of stuff. When say tons, I mean you can do anything. Games, Image generation, role-play, marriage, etc. it has your back. NezukoBot will be the Bot on your server if you have a more game-anime-oriented server. Just type the help command and enter the virtual world that NezukoBot will provide.



Here is our moderating Bot in this article, Quacky. Quacky has an extensive list of commands that allows moderating your server with ease. One amazing feature is that you can ban people who are not even on your server, this provides server protection from unwanted users. Quacky can be your next best-moderating Bot with its flexible use and also it’s adorable.



Do you like RPGs? Then SailRPG is your go-to Bot. SailRPG has a massive RPG system with arenas, PVP battles, adventures, and everything else you will ever need in an RPG. Honestly, SailRPG is pretty fun. It doesn’t have those amazing graphics like most RPGs do but it will keep you and your server entertained for a very, very long time.



Here is everyone’s favorite Giveaway Bot, Scrumpbot. Scrumpbot allows Admins to create Giveaways in their Servers. This seems like it’s nothing new but Scrumpbot provides more features in its arsenal. For every Giveaway you make, Scrumpbot will ask 6 types of questions which allows you to narrow down the Giveaway to a certain group of users. It is pretty intricate and will work very well with the above Bots.

Wick Bot

wick bot

Wick Bot is here to protect you. This Bot increases the security level of your Server. Wick Bot provides anti-nuke, anti-raid and spam, verification, moderation, and much more. This will safeguard your server from destructive raids that could damage the integrity of your server.

YoutuberBot for your Discord Server


Now YoutuberBot is an interesting one. So, YoutuberBot is a Stats Bot like Logger Bot that we had just seen but with key differences. Here, YoutuberBot will provide stats as given from its commands but there is a special command which is activity. With this command, you can start up an activity like youtube and have a movie night with your friends. This is amazing for people to get together and enjoy watching some YT videos or doing other such activities.

There are more Discord Bots that can elevate your Server but here are some that I thought were useful. Hopefully, this guide helped you in making your server top-tier. You can also check out our guides on Best Moderation Bots and Epic RPG Codes in Discord.