Epic RPG Codes Discord (September 2023)

Here are all the new, valid, and working codes for Epic RPG Discord that you can easily redeem to get wood, fish, loot boxes, etc.

Epic RPG is a text-based RPG game for discord. You can invite this bot to your server and start playing with your friends. This game has many features like dungeons, loot boxes, economy, and more. While this is all fun and games what is even better is that it supports the use of codes. You can use them to redeem freebies like loot boxes, wood, fish, and other items. So in this guide let us see all the working and redeemable Epic RPG Discord Codes.

All Epic RPG Codes (September 2023)

all epic rpg codes for discord

Below I have listed the currently active and working codes. I have also mentioned all the codes that no longer work, have expired and are invalid. A thing that will ensure you successfully claim these codes is to enter them as given here. By doing that you can avoid typos that can make the codes invalid. So now let’s check the codes.

Working Codes

These are all the codes that are currently working and are active:

  • uwu: Redeem this code to get 2 Golden fish and 100 coins
  • rpg: Redeem this code to get 40 arena cookie
  • code: Redeem this code to get 5 wooden logs and 5 normie fish
  • veryepic: Redeem this code to get 10 Life Potions & 1 Epic Coin.

If you enter the above code correctly you should be able to redeem them easily.

Expired Codes

Here are all the codes that no longer work and are invalid or have expired.

  • voidest: Redeem this code to get 3 EDGY Lootboxes
  • godlylootbox: Redeem this code to get 1 Common loot box
  • coins: Redeem this code to get 2000 coins
  • morestuff: Redeem this code to get 1 EPIC coin and 25 arena cookies
  • love: Redeem this code to get 3 Edgy lootbox & 200 Love coins
  • celebration: Redeem this code to get EDGY Lootbox & 500 arena cookies
  • Christmas: Redeem this code to get 1 sleepy potion, 1 candy cane, 25 snowflake, and 3 EPIC present
  • halloween: Redeem this code to get 5 edgy loot boxes, 1 sleepy potion, and 15 pumpkins
  • halpensation: Redeem this code to get 1 sleepy potion
  • 150k500k
  • hi
  • 200k
  • epicrpg250k
  • epicrpg_1m
  • epicrpgxmas
  • epicnewyear
  • code[1]
  • epic
  • epicrpg
  • lmao
  • ar4b7ikf3x4
  • Valentine
  • easter
  • fj55jx92nbh
  • j45khr4i5h4
  • n4ijvnh4idh
  • f48hzcm3ip0
  • 400k
  • update_soon
  • achievements
  • compensation

How to Enter and Redeem Codes in Epic RPG?

Before you use the codes the bot must be added to your server.

  • Type rpg code [code]. In place of [code], you have to write the exact code you wish to claim.
  • For example to claim the code coins, simply type “rpg code coins” and hit enter.

How to Get More Codes

We keep such guides regularly updated so you can bookmark this page for future reference. If there are any new codes we’ll update them here.

That sums up this guide on Epic RPG codes for discord. If you liked this guide be sure to check out our other guide on how to play snake game on Discord.

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