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How To Use Voodoo Doll In Phasmophobia (2022)

Found the Tortured Voodoo Doll but don't know how it works? Here's how to use the Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia. Beware! A lot could go wrong!

The Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia is part of the cursed items list. When you get a hold of this creepy doll, you can force the ghost to interact. There are a few more things you can do with this item and that’s exactly what we will cover in this guide. Here’s how the Voodoo Doll works and how to use it.

How does the Tortured Voodoo Doll work in Phasmophobia?


how does the voodoo doll work trick

  • As you know, the Voodoo Doll has 10 pins attached to it.
  • When you interact with it by right-clicking, one of the pins will get pushed into the doll’s body. And this is when the ghost will interact but it will also drop your sanity by 10%.
  • If the pin on the heart gets pushed, then a cursed hunt will begin in your area instantly.
  • The pins get pushed randomly and there’s no particular trick to ensure a certain pin gets pushed.
  • If your sanity is under 10%, then, unfortunately, all the 10 pins will get pushed and a cursed hunt will get initiated.
  • When you take a picture of the Voodoo doll with your camera, the game will register it as a Voodoo Doll picture and you will get money.

Now, these are just the known results of interacting with the Voodoo doll. Many players are mentioning online that the Voodoo doll also moves or slides on its own. It appears that the doll moves towards the ghost/ghost room. But there’s also a chance that it’s a glitch because it reacts differently for others (or it could be a random feature!). Keep using it in your games and see what happens.


So, this was basically how to use the Voodoo Doll in Phasmophobia and how it works. We’ve covered loads of Phasmophobia guides to help you investigate and identify the ghost haunting the house. For example, here are all Cursed Possessions Items and Objects Locations. Moreover, if you want to know the meanings of Tarot cards and how they work as well, we’ve got just the guide for you on Gamer Tweak.