Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items & Objects Locations

Here's where to find all Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items & Objects Spawn Locations.

After the Cursed Possessions update for Phasmophobia, many are searching for the Cursed Possessions Items & Objects Locations. The new update brings a new quality-of-life improvements along with new cursed items or objects to add more mechanisms to your previous gameplay.

The Cursed Possessions contain many new items spawned through the game maps, and they change the way you play the game. If you are ready to trade your sanity levels then you will get more information and abilities to complete a hunt. So if you want to know what are all these new objects then you are in the right place. Let’s look at all the Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items and Objects Locations.

Cursed Items Possessions & Objects in Phasmophobia

Here are new Cursed Possessions Items & Objects in Phasmophobia:

  1. Haunted Mirror
  2. Music box
  3. Summoning Circle
  4. Tarot Cards
  5. Tortured Voodoo Doll
  6. Ouija Board
  7. Monkey Paw

Haunted Mirror

Haunted Mirror is one of the most essential cursed items during an early game in Phasmophobia. This item helps you accurately pinpoint the haunted room in which the ghost resides. This will help you fully focus on a single location and directly head there.

Music box

Music Box is perfect for moments when the ghost you are hunting for is nasty. If a close encounter is not top on your list, activating Music Box will make the ghost sing along with the melody when they pass the location or are near the item.

Summoning Circle

Summoning Circle is cool, considering its ability to bring and trap the ghost to the circle. You can now look at the ghost type you are hunting. But make sure to move away from the item as soon as possible. Cause your ghost will eventually be free of the bond and haunt you.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards are the most exciting feature of the new update. This page needs to describe each new feature it adds to the game. So check out our Tarot Cards Guide for more detailed info.

Tortured Voodoo Doll

Using this cursed item is a win-lose situation. You can use the doll to deal directly with your ghost. But the reaction might be as pleasant as you would think. But in the right hands, they are instrumental.

Ouija Board

Ouija Board is already an essential part of Phasmophobia. But now it has turned into a cursed item. You can directly establish successful communication with your ghost. But make sure to say “Good Bye” before things start going south.

Monkey Paw

Ready to play with your fate? Monkey Paw is a cursed possession that grants wishes to players. The mummified paw can give you multiple wishes, and the count depends on your difficulty reward multiplier. It can be 3 wishes or even go up to 5.

How it works is that when you enter a room, you can make a wish from the commands/prompts, and the paw will move a finger. Then, what you wished for will come true, so players must always be ready for the consequences.

Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items Spawn Locations

Thanks to a crowdsourcing project to find all the new cursed items and objects in the game, started by Redditor u/Fantismal, we now have the locations of the items in the mission. All the images belong to the hard work of the creators and the community. We are just sharing them with you. So here are the original images of all the Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items & Objects Locations:


Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Assylum Locations

Bleasdale Farmhouse

Bleasdale Farmhouse Cursed Possessions Items Locations

Brownstone High School

Brownstone High School Locations Cursed

Edgefield Street House

Edgefield Street House Cursed items location

Grafton Farmhouse

Grafton Farmhouse Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items Locations

Maple Lodge Campsite

Maple Lodge Campsite


Prison Cursed Items Location

Ridgeview Road House

Ridgeview Road House

Tanglewood Street House

Tanglewood Street House

Willow Street House

Willow Street House

Monkey Paw Locations

The 7th cursed possession was added in the 8.1 update that introduced new difficulties, shop updates, various changes, fixes and of course, the Monkey Paw. Here’s a video that shows all the Monkey Paw locations – be sure to check the top pinned comment for the exact timestamps for every location.

That’s everything you need to know about all the Phasmophobia Cursed Possessions Items & Objects Locations. For more Phasmophobia guides, be sure to explore more on Gamer Tweak!