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Palia: How To Use Glider

Travel faster by gliding in the sky using the Glider in Palia. So, here's how you can get it and fly.

Are you looking to use the Glider to soar through the beautiful skies of Palia? This feature will allow you to experience the visuals of this game from a different perspective. It is also a crucial tool to travel faster on the map and overcome obstacles. And you can also reach high and difficult places by gliding. So, let’s find out how to get and use it.

How to Get Glider in Palia

Glider In Palia
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You have to complete the Like A Bird quest to obtain the Glider. After finishing the Ancient Battery quest from Jina, she will suggest getting yourself a Glider to travel through the ruins. You have to talk to Najuma in Bahari Bay to get one. She will build it if you provide all the materials needed for it. You will need 3x Sapwood Planks, 2x Fabric, and 5x Leather. Here are the steps to get all the items:

How to Get Sapwood

You can buy Sapwood Plank for 4 Gold from the Blacksmith Store. You can also use the Sawmill to make them. It will take a minute to produce one plank using one Sapwood. Chop down trees and use the wood to make them.

How to Get Fabric

Go to the Furniture Store on the map and purchase Fabric for 190 Gold. You can also make Fabric in the Fabric Loom by placing Cotton. You can grow it using Cotton seeds.

How to Get Leather

You will find Leather in the Furniture Store for 60 Gold. Alternatively, you can produce it in the Loom by placing Sernuk Hide. Use the bow and arrow to hunt the Sernuk Deer and get this.

Once you have all the materials, take them to Najuma and she will build the Glider for you.

How to Use Glider in Palia

Here’s how to fly using the Glider in Palia:

  1. Find a high ground like a cliff, rock, or mountain to jump from.
  2. Use the Movement Controls to run and press the Spacebar to jump.
  3. Once you are in the air, hold Spacebar to deploy the Glider.
  4. You can change direction using W, A, S, D.

So, that was all on how to use Glider in Palia. If you don’t know how to craft Fabric Loom, here is a guide to build it. You can also read this article to farm Gold if you are low on it.