How To Do Emotes In Type Soul

Slayed a Hollow in Type Soul? You should flex on it by using an emote.

One of the best features that many players don’t know about is that you can use Emotes in Type Soul. Be it something simple as resting in different positions or doing some dance moves. This Bleach-inspired game lets you do them all. So while it is good to make progress in the game and level up your character. You should occasionally hit an emote or two to show the other players how you feel.

How to Use Emotes in Type Soul

Do Emotes in Type Soul

Using emotes is very easy, you just have to enter /e emote_name in the chat to use it. You can directly open chat by pressing the “/” key on your keyboard. For example, if you were to do the rest emote you would enter the following command “/e rest”.

Type Soul Emotes Shortcuts

Here are all the emote codes that you can use in this game:

  • /e cheer: Your character will do a cheerful jump.
  • /e dance: Your character will do any one of the dance emotes.
  • /e dance1: Your character will start doing Gangnam style moves.
  • /e dance2: Your character will start doing arm waves.
  • /e dance3: Your character will start doing cheerleader moves.
  • /e sturdy: Your character will start doing something similar to the default dance.
  • /e lay: Your character will lie down flat on the ground.
  • /e wave: Your character will wave.
  • /e laugh: Your character will start laughing.
  • /e rest: Your character will sit down.
  • /e rest2: Your character will sit down in another position.
  • /e rest3: Your character will do a squat.
  • /e rest4: Your character will sit down in a cross-legged position.
  • /e cry: Your character will start crying.

These are all the known emotes that you can use in Type Soul. Since you are here you might also want to check our guides on how to rank up, become a soul reaper, get different weapons, and more. And for any other help on the topics not mentioned here, you can check out our Type Soul section.