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Lost Ark: How To Unlock Una’s Tasks

Seeing other players complete daily and weekly missions in Lost Ark but you can't find them? You need to unlock Una's Tasks.

Unlocking Una’s Tasks should be one of your primary goals in Lost Ark when approaching the endgame. That is because she will give you many different tasks that you can do daily and weekly, to get gold and other items. So without further ado let us quickly check how to unlock Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark.

How to Unlock Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark


lost ark how to unlock unas tasks
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You can unlock Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark by reaching level 50. The unlock process is as simple as that. Though leveling up to level 50 won’t be as simple.

How to Check Una’s Tasks


  1. On the bottom-right side of the screen, you will see “Adventure“. Click on it.
  2. Here choose Una’s Tasks.
  3. Alternatively, you can also press Alt + J to directly access Una’s Task.

How to Decide which Tasks to complete

There are 4 types of tasks that you can complete in the end game.


  1. Daily: Tasks that reset daily.
  2. Weekly: Tasks that reset weekly.
  3. Reputation: Tasks that determine and help improve your reputation with the NPCs.
  4. Guild Request: These are the tasks that you can undertake to help level up your guild.

Why are Una’s Tasks important in Lost Ark?

To increase your survivability in Lost Ark you need gold. And one of the best methods to quickly earn gold by doing minimal is completing Una’s Tasks. You can do 3 daily tasks for her and 3 weekly tasks. The best part is you get many daily tasks so you can choose the one you should do based on the items they reward that you might need. Similarly, you can choose what weekly tasks you want to do.


That sums up this guide on how to unlock Una’s Tasks in Lost ark and everything else that you should know about it. Since you have unlocked Una’s tasks now is the best time to make a daily checklist of tasks that you should do every day. And you can also check out our other guides on how to get the song of resonance, how to auto control your character, and what chaos shards are in Lost Ark.