Lost Ark: How To Get The Song Of Resonance

Trying to reveal some secret passages in Lost Ark? You should use the song of resonance.

Song of Resonance is one of the many songs that you can use in Lost Ark. You use it to reveal any hidden paths and passages. As per the game’s description “This song of the fallen giants has the power to resonate with earth, revealing hidden spaces and invisible things.” Now that you know what it is, let us quickly check how to get the song of Resonance in Lost Ark and how to use it.

How to Get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark

how to get song of resonance in lost ark

You can get the Song of Resonance in Lost Ark by purchasing it from the Treasure Hunter Igran for 16500 Pirate Coins.

  1. Go to the ship near Peyto Island.
  2. You can get to it by going west from Anikka, south from Pleccia, or east from Vern.
  3. Next, go and speak to Treasure Hunter Igran, you can find him on the southeast area of the ship.
  4. Here you will have to give him 16500 Pirate coins in exchange for the Song of Resonance.

If you are low on Pirate Coins then you can exchange your marine event coins for them. You should check our detailed guide on how to get pirate coins to quickly stack them up.

How to Use Song of Resonance

You have to use the Song of Resonance when you are trying to find hidden areas in the game.

  1. Add the song to your music sheet.
  2. Whenever you are at an area where you feel there is some hidden path that can be revealed open your music sheet and choose the Song of Resonance to use it.

That sums up this guide on how to get the song of resonance in Lost Ark and how to use it. Since you got the song of resonance you should also check our other guide on how to get the song of escape. And you can also find our other guides helpful for all main quests list, how to auto control your character, and how to get chaos shards in Lost Ark.