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Lost Ark Daily Checklist & Best Una’s Tasks

Daily Checklist will help you no matter if you are in the endgame in Lost Ark or are trying to get some materials. If this interests you then continue reading to learn more.

Since Lost Ark is an MMORPG game you cannot only focus on the main story. Leveling up your character, giving them the right gear, and other aspects are equally important. But doing these things need a lot of materials and are very grinding, hence many Lost Ark player needs a Daily Checklist to make sure certain tasks are always completed. But while it sounds easy, things can get complicated because there are a ton of things you can do in Lost Ark to farm resources. So in this guide let us check the Daily Checklist for Lost Ark and Best Una’s Tasks that you should complete.

Daily Checklist & Best Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark


lost ark daily checklist

You should do the tasks that give you materials that you require in-game, this should be your first priority. You can do that by pressing Alt + J, it will bring the Daily tab that shows all the tasks and their completion rewards. This tab also shows you the location for each task. In case there isn’t any material that you particularly need then I recommend you do the following tasks for Una.

  • Ride like the wind: This task is very simple all you need to do is drop customers from Peyto to their homes. These are the locations where you can drop them off.
    • Revelry Row
    • Tortoyk
    • Turtle Island
  • Where It Belongs: Take the loot by defeating 50 Hoarfrost robbers.
  • Collect Spare Parts: Go to the Golden Wave island and complete the quests given there. This will allow you to collect spare parts for Una.


After you are done with the above tasks you should also do these tasks if you get time.

  • Donate to your Guild: As obvious as it is this task only applies if you are part of a Guild or own one. This is one of the first things you should do when you start the game. As it is even faster than completing tasks given by Una or Epona.
  • Do Stronghold Research: Check your research list by going to Stronghold and pressing Ctrl + 1. Based on the research available to you and the time required to complete, prioritize and complete them.
  • Beat Chaos Dungeons: These might take a little time to finish but are worth it if you can complete them. The best part is you can do it alone or with others. Just remember that the more players you do chaos dungeons with the higher the difficulty will get. In case you haven’t unlocked Chaos Dungeons then you can check our dedicated guide on how to unlock it.

That covers this Daily Checklist & Best Una’s Task to do in Lost Ark. Since you like playing this game don’t forget to check our other guides on what perception shards are and the best martial artist class in Lost Ark.