Lost Ark Perception Shards Complete Guide

Karan Pahuja
2 Min Read

Perception Shards and Harmony Shards is yet another thing that Lost Ark offers to the players. Since this is an MMORPG it maintains its footing with the other games in terms of offering players a plethora of content. And that is where these two items come in. As you progress through the story you may find some Perception Shards in your inventory or are yet to discover them. While Harmony Shards is a topic for another day. We will today focus on what perception shards are in Lost Ark, also learn its uses and how you can get them.

What is Perception Shards in Lost Ark & how to Get it?

lost ark how to get and use perception shards

Perception Shard is a type of resource that you collect as you progress in the game that you can use to improve your character’s attributes. You can get Perception Shards at the Chaos Gate. And you can also obtain it by completing Chaos dungeon missions.

How to Use Perception Shards

You can use the Perception Shards to buy any of the following items from the Chaos Dungeon vendor.

  • Engraving Books (Uncommon item)
  • Harmony Leapstones
  • Harmony Shards
  • Jewelry (Rare to Legendary item)
  • Stone Fragments

To find the Chaos Dungeon NPC go to North Vern in the Vern Castle. Next, head southeast from the Chaos Dungeon Statue to find this vendor. Alternatively, you can also trade Disorder crystals in place of Perception Shards to get the above-mentioned items.

That sums up this guide on everything you should know about perception shards in Lost Ark & how to get and use them. If this guide was helpful don’t forget to check our other guides on what item to choose from the rapport chest and the main story quests list. And if you enjoy playing this game then also check our Lost Ark section for dedicated guides on other topics that you might need help with.

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