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Lost Ark: Which Item To Choose From The Rapport Chest & Best NPCs

Wondering what item should you pick from the Rapport chest to give to your favorite NPC? Keep reading this guide to find out.

Choosing the right item from the Rapport chest and gifting them to the best NPCs is very important in Lost Ark. The rapport system in this game decides how your relationship with the NPCs is. And based on how you built your rapport you can get different rewards for it. That is where these gifts come in, as each NPC has something that they like and others they dislike. While that may be the case, not every NPC is worth the same time and effort. So let us check the best NPCs you should build rapport with, in Lost Ark and which is the best item you should pick from the rapport chest.

Which Items to Choose in Rapport Chest in Lost Ark?


what item to choose from rapport chest in lost ark

  • Choose Fragrant Peach if you want to increase your Rapport with Beatrice.
  • If you want to increase your rapport with Captain Cavery, pick Stalwart Cage.
  • You can choose Stern Scrap Iron if you want to increase your Rapport with Sasha.

Gifting the above item to their respective NPC will ensure your rapport increases with them the best.


Best NPCs to build Rapport with

  • Beatrice
  • Captain Cavery
  • Sasha

The higher your rapport is with them the more quests and items you get from them. Additionally, you may occasionally get quests that give you lore about these characters. If you don’t have these NPCs unlocked then you need to build more rapport with the other NPCs to get to them.


What is Rapport in Lost Ark?

Rapport in Lost Ark works like how it works in real life. The higher your rapport with the NPC, the more they will trust you and be friendly with you. As mentioned above, when have a good rapport with the NPC. The more quests and items they will give you.

How to Increase Rapport


There are 3 easy ways in which you can increase your rapport with the NPCs.

  • Using Emotes: You can use 5 emotes a day for the NPC you wish to increase your rapport with.
  • Playing Instruments: Just like emotes, you can play instruments 5 times a day for the NPC.
  • Give them gifts: You can gift 99 gifts to the NPC daily. In order to learn what gift they like, you can check it on the Rapport menu.

Other than the above methods you can also use quests and potions to increase your rapport.

That covers this guide on best rapport NPCs and which item to choose from the Rapport chest in Lost Ark. If you like playing this game then also check our guides on how to knowledge transfer, how to change guild name, and the main quests list for Lost Ark.