HoloCure: How To Get Stage 3 Halloween Castle (Regular & Endless)

Here is all you need to know about the Stage 3 Halloween Castle of HoloCure.

Unlocked regular Stage 3 of HoloCure, but can’t play Hard mode’s Stage 3. You are not the only one, many players even after completing all Regular Stages haven’t been able to play this Endless Stage. While writing, the game has three types of stages: Regular, Endless, and Time. Regular stages are the default ones you unlock in sequence, but their progression is linked with Endless. Without finishing some Regular Stages, you cannot unlock Endless ones. So read along and learn about those stages.

How to Unlock Hard Stage 3 Halloween Castle in HoloCure

How To Unlock Stage 3 Of HoloCure

  • Regular Stage 3 Halloween Castle is unlocked by completing Regular Stage 2.
  • Endless Stage 3 Halloween Castle Myth is unlocked by finishing Endless Stage 2.
  • The Endless Stage 2 is unlocked after Endless Stage 1. And that you unlock by clearing Regular Stage 2.

All About Stage 3 Regular Mode

The enemies of this stage are based on JP Generation 1 and 2. And the bosses you face here are Shubangelion and Spiderchama. Shubangelion will appear after 10 minutes. It focuses on AoE attacks, such as slamming fists on the ground. Rubble falls whenever it uses a slam attack, so dodge and keep attacking. Once you defeat it, you get a Holozon Box and 2000 EXP.

Spiderchama appears after 20 minutes, and you will see a red circle around whenever she is about to spawn. So get out of the circle as soon as it appears around you. You have to defeat her to clear the Regular Stage 3 of HoloCure. She comes with her army of Spiderchama Hatchlings. And her main attacks are Chama’s Web, Chama Crush, and Bullet Stream. Spiderchama drops Holozon Box and gives 6000 EXP.

How is Stage 3 Endless in HoloCure

Halloween Castle Myth is similar to the Halloween Castle of the Regular Stage, but enemies here are faster and stronger. The main bosses of this stage are Shubangelion, Spiderchama, and Halloween Myth. There is a possibility that you will see either Shubangelion and Halloween Myth or Spiderchama and Halloween Myth on stage. Since we have already learned about the Shubangelion and Spiderchama in the regular one, let us understand the Halloween Myth.

Halloween Myth is not one boss, it consists of five bosses: Dino Gura, Nurse Calli, Dr. Oopsie, Vampire Kiara, and Pumpkin Ame. They all appear at once after 20 minutes. So be fully equipped and upgrade your ATK to level 7 and SPD to level 7, before attempting the stage.

That’s all you need to know about the Halloween Castle and what to do to unlock Stage 3 of HoloCure. If you found this guide interesting, check out our other HoloCure guides. Start with the Super Collabs tier list, then read how to fish.