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How To Do Brutalities In MK1 & Fix If Not Working

The brutality animation is back in Mortal Kombat 1 - here's how to do it in-game.

How to do brutalities in MK1? While Fatalities are cool, Brutalities are the more brutal attacks that will add insult to the injury. One of the major appeals of fighting games and MK in particular is the way your character absolutely disintegrates the enemy character after using a special move like this one. And if you wish to get these animations for your character or Kameo to rub salt in the wounds of your defeated foe, what you need to do is unlock and perform brutality in Mortal Kombat 1 at the exact right moment.

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How to Do Brutalities in MK1?

how to perform brutalities mk1

To perform Mortal Kombat 1 brutalities, players must press the brutality attack combo as the final killing (and match-winning) blow on their enemy player.

  • To see the button combination for the MK1 brutality finisher, go to the pause menu, select Move List > Brutalities are placed under Fatalities on the Finishers tab.
  • Under the Brutalities section, you will see the move name and the input button combination you need to press to activate it.
  • For example: To do The Klassic Brutality on PS5, you need to press and hold the down d-pad + press Triangle to initiate the animation. For Xbox, you have to hold the down d-pad button + press Y.

How to Unlock Mortal Kombat 1 Brutalities?

how to trigger brutality mortal kombat 1

  • In order to perform MK1 brutalities for your character or Kameo fighters, you have to unlock them first by collecting XP and leveling up the character you are playing.
  • Check the progress for the character under the Mastery tab, which is right next to the Quests and Kareer Stats tabs.
  • Simply keep playing the various modes that the game has to offer and your character will get leveled up.
  • The stages where you will unlock a Brutality may differ from character to character.

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Brutalities Not Working in MK1? Requirements

There are a few reasons why your brutality move animation is not working in Mortal Kombat 1:

  • The button combo was not pressed at the right time. It should be your final match-ending move or it will not work.
  • Press and hold the buttons you see under the Finisher menu in order to trigger the animation. Remember to select Advanced View on the finishers page. It will have a ‘NOTES’ section which provides the MK1 Brutalities requirements, especially the button you must hold during the hit.
  • It’s a bug or a glitch. If it’s the latter, you can test it by closing the game, restarting, and checking if Brutalities are working now. But if it’s a bug, we can expect that it will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Multiple Redditors are facing similar issues and hopefully, this issue will be resolved by the developers soon.

So that’s how to unlock and do MK1 Brutalities. Another thing that Mortal Kombat players love to do is unlock skins for their favorite characters – here’s how to unlock more costumes in Mortal Kombat 1.