How To Find And Unlock The Chamber Of Time In Geometry Dash

This is all you need to do to find, unlock, and enter the Chamber of Time vault in Geometry Dash.

Want to unlock the third vault Chamber of Time in Geometry Dash? It is a long process, and you will need plenty of game collectibles to access this Chamber. But no need to worry, as we have covered everything from what is unlocked before to how you can deceive The Gatekeeper. You have to enter this vault to get the Orange Key and unlock the Basement cell. After unlocking the Basement, you will meet Demon Guardian, whose chest has the Purple Key of Demon Gauntlet.

How to Enter the Chamber of Time in Geometry Dash

How To Unlock Chamber Of Time In Geometry Dash

To unlock Chamber of Time you need a Master Emblem, which is sold in Scratch’s Secret Shop for 1000 Mana Orbs. You find this shop in The Treasure Room and require 500 Diamonds to unlock it. Now, before all this, you have to unlock The Vault of Secrets with 50 Diamonds and complete The Challenge level to get access to the Basement.

In the Basement, you will find a Demon Guardian trapped in a cell. Check beside his cell, you will see three keyholes. Tap on the orange one, and you will get the hint for this key and Chamber of Time. According to the Demon Guardian, the key is guarded by The Gatekeeper at the end of the world. And you will find the door by touching the ground beneath the promise. Now, this dialogue does sound like some complicated riddle, but it is exactly what it says.

  • Go to the main screen, and tap on the play button.

Third Vault In Geometry Dash

  • Scroll till you reach the end and see Coming Soon. Then tap anywhere at the bottom of this page, and it will reveal the door.
  • Now, if you have a Master Emblem, then tap on the door and enter the Chamber of Time in Geometry Dash.
  • In that Chamber, you will find a chest, tap on it to get the Orange Basement Key.
  • Then use Geometry Dash Vault codes to get different icons and colors.

This is how you unlock the Chamber of Time vault in Geometry Dash. We have covered many GD topics, so if you are interested in learning more secrets of GD, check the Geometry Dash guides. And start by reading how to get Demon Keys and how to Rate Stars.