Geometry Dash: How To Get Diamonds Fast (Collectible Guide)

Use these methods to earn Diamonds fast in Geometry Dash and use them to unlock shops.

Are you collecting Diamonds in Geometry Dash to unlock icons and achievements? Diamonds are one of the game collectibles, crucial for Vault of Secrets, secret level The Challenge, and unlocking Secret Shop and Community Shop. Though the primary currency these shops use for exchange is Mana Orbs, we first have to unlock them, 500 Diamonds are required for Secret Shop and 200 for Community Shop. Plus, other players can see the number of Diamonds you own from your profile, and it also shows on the leaderboard.

How to Get Diamonds Quickly in Geometry Dash

Collect Diamonds Quickly In Geometry Dash

There are many ways to get Diamonds in the game, such as Daily Chests, Daily Quest, Weekly Demon Chest, Treasure Room Chest, Gauntlets levels, and Daily Level. But the fastest among them are Daily Quest, Weekly Demon, and Daily Levels.

Complete Daily Quests to Get Diamonds in GD

Daily Quests are simple tasks of collecting other collectibles: Coin, Star, and Mana Orb. In Geometry Dash, Mana Orb collectible quests can give from 5 to 15 Diamonds. And you have to collect between 200 to 1000 Orbs for the same. Coin quests are similar, here you earn between 5 to 15 Diamonds. For 5 Diamonds, you have to collect 2 Silver Coins, and for 15 Diamonds you must gather 6 Silver Coins. Lastly, the amount of Stars is equal to the Diamonds you earn. If your task is to collect 5 Stars, then you will receive 5 Diamonds. And if it’s to collect 15, then you will get 15 Diamonds.

Weekly Demon Levels for Geometry Dash Diamonds

Just as the name suggests, they are Demon levels. And they range from easy to hard Demon levels. They might be difficult, but the rewards you earn by completing them are worth the effort. You not only get Diamonds, but also Mana Orbs, Key, and Shards of Power. And you get Demon Chest as Bonus too.

Finish Daily Levels to Get Diamonds in Geometry Dash

Apart from the Diamonds you earn from the game level, it gives Diamonds as a Bonus. These levels last for 24 hours, if you complete it within the time limit, then you will see a different level the next day. But if you didn’t complete it and don’t want to, then you can skip it by checking after 24 hours of the last loaded level. To skip level, press the red color close button from the upper left corner of the task.

With this, you can now get Diamonds fast in Geometry Dash. If GD is your favorite game, and you are looking for more Geometry Dash guides, check this dedicated list. And read how to get Demon Keys and learn Geometry Dash Vault codes.