Geometry Dash: Where To Find Demon Keys

Use this to find and collect free Demon Keys and open Treasure Chests in Geometry Dash.

Wondering how you can get the Demon Keys in Geometry Dash. Here are all the ways to obtain this key and open Treasure Room chests. These chests contain various in-game currency or collectibles like Mana Orbs, Diamonds, Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, and Lava Shards. And there are three types of chests you can open with these keys: Silver, Gold, and Large. Silver chest requires one Demon Key, Gold requires 5 and after opening a certain number of chests you get to open a Large chest.

Where Are Demon Keys in Geometry Dash

How To Obtain Geometry Dash Demon Keys

There are two ways to get Demon Keys in the game: By collecting Mana Orbs, and from Daily Chests. With every 500 Mana Orbs, you collect from playing, you get one Demon Key. Mana Orbs you obtain from Daily Chests, Treasure room, and Gauntlet don’t give Demon Keys. You have to collect Orbs from the levels. The Orbs you earn from the matches depend on the level of difficulty. Easy gives a total of 50, Normal 75, Hard total earns are 125 & 175, Harder will give 225 & 275, Insane has 350 & 425, and lastly Demon levels give 500. Auto levels don’t give Mana Orbs.

The best way to earn Orbs fast is through Demon levels, but completing it might take hours. So what you can do here is play comparatively easier Demon levels online. Cant Let Troll and Nether Step are two Geometry Dash Demon levels, that are as difficult as many hard and harder levels. If you are finding it hard to collect Orbs from difficult levels, then you can always rely on our second method, Daily Chest. The Daily Chest icon is present on your main screen, just launch the game every day and open them to get the Key. You will not get them every day, but it’s still better than none.

And that’s all you need to do to get free Demon Keys in Geometry Dash. If you find this guide interesting and are looking for similar Geometry Dash guides, then check Geometry Dash Vault codes.