Geometry Dash: How To Unlock All Icons

Here is how to unlock all icons from the Icon Kit of Geometry Dash.

Want to unlock all icons from the Icon Kit of Geometry Dash? This guide has got you covered. There are so many icons that players unlock, purchase, and win, yet a vast pool of them is locked in your kit. They are not just for appearance, they affect the game, as some shapes are easy to control, while others are difficult. Plus, with the customization, you can change their color, add glow, and do a bunch of stuff, which makes it more pleasing for the eye, as well as more noticeable.

How to Get Every Geometry Dash Icon From Icon Kit

Every Geometry Dash Icon From Icon Kit

There are primarily three ways to unlock icons in this game: Achievements, Chests, and Purchase. Most Achievements and Chest icons are not available for purchase, you have to get them with effort and luck. And those icons which can be bought are available on Shop, Community Shop, and Secret Shop. The Shop is run by Shopkeeper, Community Shop is run by Potbor, and Secret Shop is run by Scratch. You have to spend 500 Diamonds for unlocking the Secret Shop and 200 Diamonds for the Community Shop. Once you have unlocked them, you can use Mana Orbs to purchase icons.

There are several types of chests in Geometry Dash. Among these, The Treasure Room chests and The Lost Gauntlets chests have the highest chance of giving icons. Treasure Room chests are further divided into three categories: Silver, Gold, and Large. The Lost Gauntlets rewards chest for completing Gauntlets like Demon, Chaos, Ice, Poison, Fire, Monster, and more.

Achievements requirements can be checked by tapping on the lock of the desired icon. Achievements that reward icons and colors are about completing a particular level, Coin, Star, Diamonds, Shards collection, and so on. For example, Cube 6 is unlocked by completing Back on Track in Normal mode, while UFO 28 is unlocked by collecting 1,000 User Coins.

That’s all about how to unlock all icons in Geometry Dash. If you found this GD guide interesting, check our dedicated list. And read how to get Demon Keys and Rate the Stars of online levels to unlock Wave 5 and Cube 57.