V Rising Ungora The Spider Queen Location And Boss Fight Guide

Here's our guide on how to find and beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

As you progress into the world of Vardoran, you will unlock and encounter several V bosses. While some bosses are Vampire hunters, animals, or a running old lady, here is a Queen of all Spiders! Ungora the Spider Queen is one of the most challenging boss fights of all time. With her poisonous claws, defeating her can be a bit tricky. But not to worry, here’s our guide on how to find and beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising.

V Rising Ungora the Spider Queen Location

You can find her at the Spider Cave located in the northeast region of the Cursed Forests. As you head inside the cave, you will encounter several Spiderlings guarding the way to reach Ungora. You can also track her blood trail through a Blood Altar as you unlock her on level 60. We recommend increasing your Gear level and being on a greater level than 60. 

Along with defeating Spider queen, you can also collect important loot like Silkworm and Scales. You can use the Silkworm as a crafting material in Loom to craft Silk.

How to Beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising

  • During the fight, she can spawn several spiders to help her out. It is better to deal with the smaller ones before defeating Ungora the Spider Queen.
  • She has a pretty versatile set of attacks that can surprise players. She can also shoot a wide array of poisonous projectiles in your way to surround the area.
  • So, maintaining a good distance can help you to negate her attacks. You need to be patient to attack while dodging them.
v rising ungora spider queen boss
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  • In addition to the little spiderlings, she can also spawn several exploding spiderlings. You need to make sure to eliminate them first.
  • Her other attack inflicts a huge poisonous explosion that scatters and spreads several poisonous fumes around the area. If you step inside the area, it can damage you.
  • While it cooldowns in a short period, she can close the distance to attack with her poisonous claws.
  • You need to constantly keep moving during the combat. You can dash towards her way and use ranged magic attacks upon her to inflict damage.


Once you have defeated and extracted her V blood, she will drop the following rewards:

  • Volatile Arachnid Vampire power
  • Crafting Recipes for Ghost Yarn, Silk, and Spiderling

That’s all on how to find and beat Ungora the Spider Queen in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess, Raziel the Shepherd, and Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.