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How To Get Scales In V Rising (Farming Location Guide)

Here's how to farm and get more scales in V Rising.

While you are trying to survive and build your vampire empire, you will need a lot of resources for crafting purposes. Some are more tough to find than others. In this guide, we will explain how to get Scales in V Rising and the best farming locations to save your time.

How to Get More Scales in V Rising


Players can obtain Scales by any of these methods:

  • Fishing
  • Killing Earthworms
  • Killing Frogs
  • Defeating the Frog Boss
  • Looting Crates

Farming Locations to Get Scales Fast in V Rising


The best and fastest way to get Scales is through killing Earthworms because you have a chance of obtaining anything from 80 to 100 of them. You can find Earthworms in swampy areas and can be easily killed by players. If you are in the swamps, don’t forget to focus on the Frogs there as well because they drop Scales. Plus, the Frog Boss present in the Swamp of Greed will give you a good amount if you are in need of more Scales too.

swamp of greed map location

The second best place you can focus on is the Spider Cave which is packed with spiders waiting to get hunted for Scales. This is where you can quickly farm Scales in V Rising because a single spider can get you 10 Scales.


spider cave map location v rising

Players need not rely on only one method to get and farm more scales. You can try different fishing spots if you are not in immediate need of this item, or head to the farming areas if you require a lot of them quickly. Go for the crates and fishing methods if you are having a tough time taking down monsters.

This was all about how to get more Scales in V Rising. With that out of the way, don’t miss out on the console commands that you can use in this game.