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Lost Ark Unable To Get Location Info

Can't enter dungeons? Here's why the Unable To Get Location Info error is coming up in Lost Ark & if there's a fix for Entry Failed issue.

Are you trying to enter a dungeon but can’t due to the Unable To Get Location Info error in Lost Ark? What does this Entry Failed error mean and is there a fix? Let’s take a look at what the community is talking about this problem.

Unable to Get Location Info in Lost Ark (Entry Failed)


Lost Ark Unable To Get Location Info Fix

Many players have posted on the Lost Ark forum about the Unable To Get Location Info error. They are not able to enter dungeons with friends together in a party because of this issue. Here’s what you can check whenever you encounter it:

Check if Lost Ark servers are Down


If the servers are overloaded, a bunch of errors crop up and this could be one of them. Head over to the official server status page to see if the Lost Ark servers are down at the moment and if yes, try again after some time. At the time of writing, the queue times were also high, so it may take hours for you to do dungeons together with friends in a party.

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Restart the Game


This seems to have worked for a few players. Try to get into a dungeon with a few attempts but if that doesn’t work, close the game and restart it.

Play During Non-Peak Hours

When a free-to-play game reaches heights of success, the peak hours are flooded with players old and new, leading to new errors. You can try to enter dungeons with friends during the non-peak hours to see if you are able to get in.


Apart from this, there is nothing players can do from their end to resolve the “Unable To Get Location Info” problem in Lost Ark since it is related to servers. Due to the high demand of the game worldwide, the developers are working hard to manage the traffic, which may be more than they anticipated.

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How long will this fame continue? Let’s wait and watch. If you are curious to know more about the game, here’s all about engravingsclasses tier listlist of all servers and locationsisland tokens, and more, so don’t forget to check them out.