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Lost Ark Engravings Guide – How To Unlock, Get & More

Here's all about Engravings in Lost Ark.

Engravings are one of the most confusing elements new players are finding hard to grasp. But if you are familiar with the concept of runewords in Diablo 2 or similar games, then you will grasp the concept in Lost Ark. But there are some differences in the mechanics when compared to the similar game, the main one being negative passive traits. So to help you get better in your game, here’s our Lost Ark Engravings Guide.


What Are Lost Ark Engravings?

Lost Ark Engravings are passive effects that add additional bonus traits to both combat & class properties of your character. To say it in simple words, there are special power boosts for your character. You can check your current Engravings by pressing the Alt+I buttons. They play a vital role in higher levels if you are playing a solo game or when joining groups for PvE sessions (where others can view your character traits before allowing you to join them).

How to Unlock & Get Engravings in Lost Ark?

Engravings will be unlocked in Lost Ark while following the main story quests after you reach level 27. If you are playing in order this usually unlocks when you “Speak with Thirain” during “A Kingdom Reclaimed” quest. This quest starts right after completing the “To the Glorious Wall” quest. Then you can press the ALT+I button to bring up the Engravings menu. You will see most of them locked and greyed out.

To unlock more Engravings, you will need to read in-game Engraving Recipe Books. This will allow you to apply Custom Engravings to your character. We will try to give all the main info you need to understand in the points below.


Ability Stone Engravings

Your character has the option to equip Ability Stones to increase their weapon and armor stats. Ability Stones also hold different random normal & negative Engravings, which you can use. They are the best source to get engraving points when compared to other items in the game. You must make sure they are Faceted as they are considered to be in raw state when you first get them. Once Faceted, they will give you two Normal Engravings & one Negative Engraving, as per their Rarity Tier.

Lost Ark Engraving Guide

Lost Ark Engravings Ability Stones Recipe Books Points


Here’s everything you need to know about Lost Ark Engravings:

  • Engravings are special character buffs
  • You can add them from Accessories & Ability Stones
  • There are two types of Engravings:
    • Combat & Class Engravings (buffs)
    • Negative Engravings (nerfs)
  • Accessories will also give negative points along with positive points
  • Engravings give more boosts if you activate higher levels
  • Each level needs a specific number of points to upgrade them
  • There are 3 Levels in upgrading Engravings:
    • Level-1 requires 5 Points (Weak)
    • Level-2 requires 10 Points (Normal)
    • Level-3 requires 15 Points (Strong)
  • So you need more than 4 points to activate a particular Engraving
  • The same rules apply to negative Engravings too
  • Engravings have rarity tiers
    • Uncommon (Green)
    • Rare (Blue)
    • Epic (Purple)
    • Legendary (Yellow)
  • To unlock a tier you need to read 20 Recipe Books
  • You have to read them in order for each trait

Here’s a video from YouTube channel OmniPower explaining all the above points in detail:


All Lost Ark Engravings

Here’s our list of all normal Lost Ark Engravings:

  • Adrenaline – Increased ATK, stacks for critical
  • Awakening – Decrease Awakening skill refill time
  • Barricade – Extra ATK to enemies when shielded
  • Broken Bone – More damage to staggered enemies
  • Champion’s Tenacity – Deal more damage if HP is less than 50%
  • Contender – Extra ATK after slaying any enemy
  • Crisis Evasion – Turn invincible & heal
  • Crushing Fist – Skip defenses of staggered enemies
  • Cursed Doll – Increase ATK with reduced healing
  • Disrespect – Deal extra damage to enemies with <30% health
  • Divine Protection – 20% Divine Protection chance
  • Drops of Ether – You may get Ether while attacking
  • Emergency Rescue – Get shield if HP <30% when attacked
  • Enhanced Shield – Transfer Status effects damage to your shields
  • Ether Enhancement – Ethers once equipped
  • Explosive Expert – Carry extra explosive item
  • Fast Speed – Get extra holding & casting skills damage and speed
  • Fortitude – Reduced damage intake
  • Grudge – Deal extra damage to boss enemies
  • Heavy Armor Equipment – Boost defenses
  • Increased Max MP – Get more MP max cap
  • Keen Blunt Weapon – Get critical damage with 20% less damage
  • Lightning Fury – 60% chance to get lightning orbs
  • Magick Stream – Regain MP when not attacked
  • Master Brawler – Increased Head ATK Damage
  • Master of Ambush – Back attacks deal more damage
  • Mass Gain – Extra ATK Power, with 10% reduced ATK Speed
  • Master of Escape – Decrease total stand up action cooldown
  • Master of Strikes – Increase ATK damage (except back & front attacks)
  • MP Regen – Additional MP regeneration
  • Necromancy – Summon soldiers to fight for you
  • Precision Dagger – Decrease Crit damage with increased Crit rate
  • Preemptive Strike – Get crit against Challenge or lesser enemies
  • Propulsion – Extra Skill damage (except Awakening skill)
  • Raid Captain – Extra percentage of ATK, proportional to your Move Speed
  • Shield Piercing – Deal more damage to Shields
  • Specialist – Extra Shield and HP recovery for whole Party (including self)
  • Spirit Absorption – Atk or Speed Buff
  • Stabilized Status – Extra damage when health over 80%
  • Strong Will – Take less damage when Pushed
  • Super Charge – Decrease skill recharge time
  • Vital Point Strike – More effective Stagger attacks

Negative Engravings

Here are all negative engravings that apply to all classes:

ATK Power Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces ATK Power by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces ATK Power by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces ATK Power by -6%

ATK Speed Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces ATK Speed by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces ATK Speed by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces ATK Speed by -6%

Defense Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces Defense by -5%
  • Level-2 – Reduces Defense by -10%
  • Level-3 – Reduces Defense by -15%

Speed Decrease

  • Level-1 – Reduces Movement Speed by -2%
  • Level-2 – Reduces Movement Speed by -4%
  • Level-3 – Reduces Movement Speed by -6%

Class Engravings

These are all the class specific engravings:

  • Barrage – Artillerist
  • Firepower Enhancement – Artillerist
  • True Courage – Bard
  • Desperate Salvation – Bard
  • Mayhem – Berserker
  • Berserker’s Technique – Berserker
  • Enhanced Weapon – Deadeye
  • Pistoleer – Deadeye
  • Surge – Deathblade
  • Remaining Energy – Deathblade
  • Lone Knight – Gunlancer
  • Combat Readiness – Gunlancer
  • Time To Hunt – Gunslinger
  • Peacemaker – Gunslinger
  • Blessed Aura – Paladin
  • Judgment – Paladin
  • Ultimate Skill Taijutsu – Scrapper
  • Shock Training – Scrapper
  • Demonic Impulse – Shadowhunter
  • Perfect Suppression – Shadowhunter
  • Death Strike – Sharpshooter
  • Loyal Companion – Sharpshooter
  • Reflux – Sorceress
  • Igniter – Sorceress
  • Energy Overflow – Soulfist
  • Robust Spirit – Soulfist
  • Esoteric Flurry – Striker
  • Deathblow – Striker
  • Esoteric Skill Enhancement – Wardancer
  • First Intention – Wardancer

That’s everything to know about Lost Ark Engravings Guide. While you are here, make to check out our Lost Ark Guides to get more interesting topics to help get better in the game.