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Lost Ark 50 Friends Achievement: How To Get 1K Amethyst Shards

Here's how to find 50 friends to register and get the People Person achievement.

Lost Ark 50 Friends is a secret achievement that has been discovered which gives players a whopping 1000 Amethyst Shards for free. As the name suggests, what you need to do is have 50 people in your friend list. Now, even though we have gamer friends, the number most likely won’t hit 50. Plus, Lost Ark as an MMORPG has a niche audience of those type of gamers who like to grind, get immersed in the world and explore everything that the massive game has to offer. What to do if your friends don’t play Lost Ark? There are a few ways to find new players to add as friends.


How to Get Lost Ark 50 Friends Achievement

Lost Ark 50 Friends Achievement

The 50 friends achievement requires you to register 50 friends and then you will unlock “People Person” giving you free 1K Amethyst Shards.

Here’s how to find 50 friends to add in the game.

  • Post on Reddit, Lost Ark forums or any social media site. Check if there are any mega threads where you can post your info in the comments and find friends to add.
  • Join a Facebook group related to Lost Ark. Add people posting their in-game IDs in the comments.
  • Join a Guild.

These are some of the ways to register 50 friends and unlock the secret achievement to get 1000 Amethyst Shards for free. Note that many are spamming the area chat with messages of “add me” which is making it tough to get any other information or talk about anything else in the game. Will this make the developers remove this particular achievement? We’re not sure. But Amethyst Shards are one of the most important currencies in the game that you can use to buy items from vendors in-game. You can purchase skins, mounts, and much more, so it’s understandable that players would want to do whatever it takes to get 1K of these shards for free.

How to Get More Amethyst Shards?

  • Head to the Achievements > Hidden section to see what you need to do to get Amethyst Shards. You can unlock them via successful party invites, creating characters etc.
  • You can also join or create a guild to get 500 Amethyst Shards for free.
  • Make your character reach level 50 to get free Shards.
  • Participate and win Arena to get Shards for free.

That’s all about Lost Ark’s 50 Friends achievement, how to find friends to add and how to get more free Amethyst Shards. We have covered quite a lot of essential Lost Ark guides including all about engravings, classes tier list, list of all servers and locations, island tokens, and more, so don’t forget to check them out.