Destiny 2: How To Turn On Full Auto Mode For All Weapons

Fellow Guardians! Check out our guide on how to Turn On Full Auto mode in Destiny 2.

The launch of Season of Seraph features a plethora of new changes and additions in Destiny 2. These recent changes include new gear and several new additions to the online multiplayer. This includes the new Auto mode that allows changing your usual firing mode into Full Auto mode. As you toggle this option, most of your weapons will automatically fire eliminating your enemies. But several players are unable to find this option. Not to worry, check out our guide on how to turn On the Full Auto mode in Destiny 2 to find out.

How to Turn On the Full Auto Mode in Destiny 2

You can toggle the option for the Full Auto Mode by heading to the Gameplay section in Settings. You can switch the setting to On or Off based on your preference. This setting would be turned Off by default. You can find the Full Auto mode below the option for Colorblind Mode. All your weapons will fire at full Auto upon switching it On.

how to turn on full auto mode destiny 2
Image Source – Profane Gaming on YouTube.

As you enable this setting, you will be able to crush enemies in no time. Taking down hordes of sturdy enemies has never been easier than using Semi-automatic weapons. With the addition of the Full Auto mode, your equipped Full Auto Trigger system perk has been replaced. So, all of your weapons with this perk have been replaced with something else as stated in the Patch notes. Nevertheless, this addition makes the Rapid Fire Frame Perk pretty much useless.

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