Destiny 2 All Seasons List: Start & End Date Of Release

Here are all release start & end dates of all seasons in our Destiny 2 season list.

Seasons are one of the most interesting parts of playing Destiny 2 till its release years ago. As your Clan progress is reset, knowing the exact time period of seasons is really important for players. Today we will be sharing a compiled list of all release start & end dates of all seasons in our Destiny 2 season list.

Additionally, every new season brings special new content and major changes to D2. A new season also adds new story content and related quests for you to keep your interest piqued and wanting more from the devs.

All Seasons Release Start & End Date in Destiny 2 Season List

All Seasons Release & End Date in Destiny 2 Season List

All content in Destiny 2 is delivered to players as new “seasons” in a “year”. Each “Year” contains 4 seasons, except for “Year 1” which had only 3 seasons. Consequently, seasons are the way for devs to add new gameplay elements and tweak or remove the least-liked ones. Also take notice that the start of a new “Year” of Destiny 2 aligns with the release of a major DLC expansion, except for the releases of “Curse of Osiris” and “Warmind.” So here’s a complete Destiny 2 Season List with the start & end date of every season released:

Year DLC Expansion Cover Art Season Title Start Date End Date
Year 1 Destiny 2
(base game)
D2 cover art Season 1: Red War 9/6/17 12/5/17
Season 2: Curse of Osiris (1st DLC) 12/5/17 5/8/18
Season 3: Warmind (2nd DLC) 5/8/18 9/4/18
Year 2 Forsaken
(3rd DLC)
Forsaken cover art Season 4: Season of the Outlaw 9/4/18 12/4/18
Season 5: Season of the Forge 12/4/18 3/5/19
Season 6: Season of the Drifter 3/5/19 6/4/19
Season 7: Season of Opulence 6/4/19 9/30/19
Year 3 Shadowkeep
(4th DLC)
Shadowkeep cover art Season 8: Season of the Undying 10/1/19 12/10/19
Season 9: Season of Dawn 12/10/19 3/9/20
Season 10: Season of the Worthy 3/10/20 6/9/20
Season 11: Season of Arrivals 6/9/20 11/10/20
Year 4 Beyond Light
(5th DLC)
Beyond Light cover art Season 12: Season of the Hunt 11/10/20 2/9/21
Season 13: Season of the Chosen 2/9/21 5/11/21
Season 14: Season of the Splicer 5/11/21 8/24/21
Season 15: Season of the Lost 8/24/21 2/22/22
Year 5 The Witch Queen
(6th DLC)
The-Witch-Queen-cover-art Season 16: Season of the Risen 2/22/22 5/24/22
Season 17: Season of the Haunted 5/24/22 8/23/22
Season 18: Season of Plunder 8/23/22 12/6/22
Season 19: TBA 12/6/22 TBA
Year 6 Lightfall
(7th DLC)
lightfall cover art Season 20: TBA 2/28/23 TBA
Season 21: TBA TBA TBA
Season 22: TBA TBA TBA
Season 23: TBA TBA TBA
Year 7 The Final Shape
(working title)
(8th DLC)
Season 24: TBA TBA TBA
Season 25: TBA TBA TBA
Season 26: TBA TBA TBA
Season 27: TBA TBA TBA

Destiny 2 Season Order

We have mentioned earlier that the start of a new “Year” of Destiny 2 aligns with the release of a major DLC expansion. And as “Curse of Osiris” and “Warmind” DLCs do not start a new “Year”. All things considered, many new players have doubts about the seasons’ chronological order. So here’s  all Destiny 2 Season Order:

  • Destiny 2 (9/6/17)
    • Curse of Osiris (12/5/17)
    • Warmind (5/8/18)
    • Forsaken (9/4/18)
      • Season of the Forge
      • Season of the Drifter
      • Season of Opulence
    • Shadowkeep (10/1/19)
      • Season of the Undying
      • Season of Dawn
      • Season of the Worthy
      • Season of Arrivals
    • Beyond Light (11/10/20)
      • Season of the Hunt
      • Season of the Chosen
      • Season of the Splicer
      • Season of the Lost
    • The Witch Queen (2/22/22)
      • Season of the Risen
      • Season of the Haunted
      • Season of Plunder
    • Lightfall (2/28/23)
    • The Final Shape (TBA 2024)

That’s for both release start and end dates of all seasons in our Destiny 2 season list. While you are here, make sure to check out other Destiny 2 Guides we have covered right here at Gamer Tweak.