How Many Genshin Impact Players Are There In 2021?

Wondering what is the player base of Genshin Impact? Continue to read this guide to find the answer to how many Genshin Impact players are there in 2021.

Developed by MiHoYo, Genshin Impact is a widely popular game released back in September 2020. The game was thought of to be a clone of another popular name, Breath of the Wild. However, it has turned out to be way more than the latter. Developers have seen to it that the players do not get bored of the game by constantly adding new content. With such massive popularity, gamers are curious to know how many Genshin Impact players are there in 2021. If you are one of these curious minds, you are in the right place as we have crafted this guide to answer that very question.

Genshin Impact: How Many Players are There in 2021?

Total Players Genshin Impact 2021

Genshin Impact has turned out to become one of the most popular and successful games of 2020. The overly impressive cinematic trailer had ensured that the game was hyped even before the release. Around 21.3 million players had registered before the launch and 17 million joined them in the first week of the release.

While the user base was 38.3 million by the first week of its release, finding out how many Genshin Impact players are there in 2021 is challenging. There are no numbers given by MiHoYo. It is difficult to calculate the user base because the developers are regularly adding new content, which is causing an influx of new players every now and then. What we can say certainly is that millions of players are still playing the game daily across PC, Mobile, and PlayStation.

The coming update 1.3 will also undoubtedly add more players to the user base, making it even more difficult to calculate the numbers.

That’s the answer to your question, how many Genshin Impact players are there in 2021. While here, ensure reading our guides on how to complete the Poetry Exchange quest, find Pine Cones, and get Mint in Genshin Impact.