Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange Guide

Ella Musk believes she's come up with another way to communicate with Hilichurls. She's looking for somebody to help carry out her idea...

Poetry Exchange in Genshin Impact one of the interesting and mysterious Daily Commissions including choosing the right dialogues in Hilichurlian language. If you are confused about what this all means, keep reading our guide on Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange Commission.

How to unlock Poetry Exchange Commission

You can unlock Daily Commissions, after completing the World Quest “Every Day a New Adventure” and by reaching Adventure Rank 12.

Daily Commissions are reset every day at 4 AM, based on your server’s time zone as below:

Server Time Zone
North America UTC−5
Europe UTC+1
Asia UTC+8

Daily Commissions are of mainly two categories, Basic commissions, and NPC commissions. You will receive 4 Daily Commissions. Usually, 3 basic and 1 NPC driven commissions will be given to you. So it might time for you to get the Poetry Exchange Commission. As Poetry Exchange is NPC driven Daily Commission.

How to Do Poetry Exchange in Genshin Impact

Here’s how you can start Poetry Exchange in Genshin Impact:

  • Poetry Exchange can be found in the Starfell Valley in Mondstadt.
  • To start the quest you need to speak to Ella Musk. She is Dr. Edith’s elder sister and is learning the Hilichurlian language. It is the language of Teyvat’s humanoid monsters Hilichurls.
  • She will ask you for help in deciphering few lines in a Hilichurlian poem. She wants you to check the meaning with Hilichurls.
  • You have to recite the poetry lines to Hilichurls nearby.
  • As Hilichurls are not interested in talking, you will have to guess what it’s saying from its body language.
  • If they like the lines you read out for them, they will dance in happiness. Or else they will attack you.
  • You can avoid the combat by referring to the footnotes at the back of the list regarding the Hilichurlian terms. These draft lines of Hilichurlian Poetry given by Ella will guide you.

Draft Lines of Hilichurlian Poetry Content

  • Celi dada, Mimi nunu!: “nunu” seems to be an everyday greeting… This phrase does not appear to convey any malicious intent.
  • Muhe ye!: These two words seem to indicate some sort of… positive excitement.
  • Ye dada!: Very direct praise. Most likely does not have any negative connotations.
  • Ya yika!: This appears to be a negative term expressing disapproval at the listener.
  • Nini zido!: Seems to be an intensely threatening term.

Genshin Impact “Yo dala?” Achievement

how to do poetry exchange genshin impact

Wondering how to do Genshin Impact Poetry Exchange without a battle and complete the commission and collect both rewards and achievement? Here are the easy 2 steps guide:

  1. Recite “Celi dada, Mimi nunu!“, “Muhe ye!” & “Ye dada!” in any order you like. These are the lines that bring out the positive emotions and you can avoid combat.
  2. Do not reciteYa yika!” or “Nini zido!” lines as they are negative and threatening terms, cause the Hilichurl to attack you.

Doing the first step from above will grant you “Yo dala?” achievement. Reciting any line containing the negative words will initiate battle and you will lose the achievement, but the rewards for completing the commission will be the same for both situations.

Here’s a Reddit post with a video to show you everything we explained above:

How to do Poetry Exchange Quest PERFECTLY with Ella Musk from Genshin_Impact

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete Poetry Exchange Daily Commission in Genshin Impact. While you are here, check out more Genshin Impact guides you might find helpful.