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MLB The Show 22: Tips For Road To The Show (RTTS)

Trying to get a call in RTTS in MLB The Show 22? These are the best tips that will help you out.

Many players are looking for some tips for Road to the Show in MLB The Show 22 to improve their character. It is a game mode that has been for quite some time in the series, but the game manages to keep it fresh with new features. So if you looking to up your game these tips will help speed up the process.

Best Tips for Road to the Show for MLB The Show 22


tips for road to the show for mlb the show 22

There are three main tips that can help you improve your ballplayer and take you far in Road to the Show in this game.

  • Play more to improve your Character
  • Use the right Build
  • Upgrade your Archetype and Player


Let us check what I mean by them.

Play More to improve your Character

Starting off with a very cheesy tip here is to play the game more. As mentioned before this game works a lot like real life. The more matches and challenges you play with your ballplayer the better it gets. Your performance matters too so it is not just the number of matches you play but how well you perform in them. So sadly if you don’t play seriously and don’t do well you will begin to see minor dips in some attributes. But the good news is if you play well they also improve fast.


And just like real-life, training matters. So whenever your character gets a chance to train don’t let it pass.

Use the right Build – Road to the Show Tips

Using the build that suits your character is a must. This will allow you to get better Archetypes for it and thus it brings us to our last tip. Before we get into it I suggest you check our guide on the best Archetype build to get extra info on the best build.


Upgrade your Archetype and Player

The fastest way to upgrade your player is by completing the missions and improving your Archetype. The reason for it is archetypes give you additional stats. And while you are focused on completing missions you play more, thus improving your character stats. So it is a win-win situation. There are 4 types of archetypes in the game, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Once you get 100 points for an Archetype type you can unlock the next one.

That covers these tips for Road to the Show (RTTS) in MLB The Show 22. Since you plan to play more check our guides on the best batting stances, best pitching style, and the best PCI settings for this game.