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MLB The Show 22 – Best Batting Stances

Here's our guide on the best batting stances for your ballplayer in MLB the Show 22.

Having a perfect stance is the most crucial factor in any sport. MLB the Show 22 has introduced several new mechanics with the new season. I love how extremely realistic it is. As you proceed with Road to the Show (RTTS) you have to make sure to pick the right settings for your ballplayer. This includes batting stance and hitting settings which are pretty crucial for the ballplayers. So, here’s our guide on the best batting stances for your ballplayer in MLB the Show 22.

Best Batting Stances in MLB the Show 22


As every Baseball player in MLB (as well as in real life) have a unique stance, you need to find out a batting stance that suits you. These stances are credited to the different MLB players. Although some players reported that the stances of a few MLB players were not appropriate, you need to pick a fitting stance for your ballplayer. The following are the batting stances that let us hit a homerun:

mlb the show 22 batting stances

  • Vladmir Guerrero Jr: In the first instance, you may think that it is a bad batting stance. While it might look a bit strange but Vlad’s high hitting stance can help players to hit a ball out of the plate.
  • Yordan Alvarez: This is an ideal and perfect stance for most MLB players. Because it can hit the upcoming pitches from an elevated and lower height.
  • Christian Yelich: Coming straight from the Milwaukee Brewers, this outfielder doesn’t miss a mark when it comes to hitting balls. His left-handed stance delivers the speed and power to hit the ball out of the park.
  • Byron Buxton: Buxton plays Center Fielder for the Minnesota Twins. His stance offers the agility, efficiency, and accuracy to hit the fastest pitch coming through his way.


If these batting stances don’t work, try out the stances that work best for you. There is a wide range of stances that might suit you better than the above. Once you have decided on a batting stance, you need to master it to hit the grand slam.

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