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MLB the Show 22 Best Hitting Settings & View (Tips)

Here are some tips for the best MLB The Show 22 hitting settings & view.

MLB The Show 22 is finally here with new features like co-op and more. But no matter if you are a newcomer to this long-running series or a seasoned veteran, players are looking for ways to get their batting game a notch up than before. So today we will look at the tips for MLB the Show 22 best hitting settings & view.

MLB the Show 22 Best Hitting Settings


Best Hitting Settings View MLB the Show 22 Tips

The best hitting settings in MLB the Show 22 are “Timing” for new players, “Directional” for returning players with normal reaction time, and “Zone” for the seasoned veterans of the series. Also, you have three batting modes in form of Normal Swing, Contact Swing, or Power Swing. These are tied to “A, B, & X” buttons on Xbox, “Cross, Circle, & Square” buttons on PlayStation, and “B, A, & Y” buttons on Nintendo Switch, respectively.

Timing mode works for new players best because you really just have to time your hits as the ball approaches you. This takes the pressure off you of worrying about ball direction, your placements, and the directions of the hit. The directional hitting interface adds 8 directional choices for you to choose from. If you are able to understand the pitch but are not quick with fast reflexes then this is how you should start the game with.


And finally, you can climb up to the Zone hitting interface. This is the most difficult and genuine experience in MLB The Show 22. You must be able to monitor the ball and plan your hits as it approaches you while using this interface. If you are not experienced with this style beforehand, then you will feel it’s the hardest way to play the game. But the precision it offers is the topmost when compared to other interfaces. This is our choice to nail it on the RTTS mode. But we suggest you start off with other modes depending on your experience with the series.

MLB the Show 22 Best Hitting View

Instead of giving our opinion right away we will combine opinions from players on social media sites like Reddit and share them here. As per many players on YouTube & Twitch, the best hitting view in MLB the Show 22 are “Strike Zone High”, “Strike Zone 1” and “Strike Zone 2”.


These angles give quite a bit more of the pitcher for you to judge. But “Strike Zone 3” is also preferred by many players. But it adds a bit of fish eye effect which some players hate. So the “Zoom” camera angle let you get a middle ground between these two angles.

MLB the Show 22 Best Hitting Tips

Here are a few tips on changes you can do in your settings to get the best hitting in MLB the Show 22:


  1. Pick the best “Hitting Interface” as we have suggested above, as per your experience.
  2. Choose the right “Swing Type”, as mentioned above irrespective of your “Hitting Interface”
  3. Pick the best Hitting View by experimenting & changing Camera Angle in “Practice” mode by going to Settings>Gameplay>Batting>Hitting View.
  4. Change the “Hitting Difficulty” to a point where you are able to react within the timeframe.
  5. Press RB on Xbox, & R2 button on PlayStation to check your Pitcher’s Energy & Confidence.
  6. Make sure to keep the PCI Anchor tool turned on.
  7. Get familiar with PCI (Press Left Stick on Xbox, & L3 on PlayStation) to get better control of your swings & hits.
  8. And finally, study the “swing details” on the left side of the screen to understand how well you did the swing, and improve your skills accordingly to get better at them.

That’s everything you need to know about some of the tips for best hitting settings & view in MLB the Show 22. While you are here, make sure to check out our MLB The Show 22 Guides for more tips & tricks.