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Best Teams To Use For March To October In MLB The Show 22

Here's our guide on the best teams to select and use for March to October in MLB the Show 22.

March to October is a season mode that allows players to relive and play the key moments during World Series in MLB the Show 22. While all the teams are viable to win the World Series, you can increase your winning chances with the best teams. These teams are divided into four different tiers. They are Favourites, Contenders, Underdogs, and Longshots. So, here’s our guide on the best teams to use for the March to October in MLB the Show 22.

Best Teams to Choose For March to October In MLB the Show 22


Your projected wins depend on the tier you choose. Favorites have the most chances of winning. Then, Contenders with 83+ projected wins, Underdogs with 75+, and Longshots with 68+ wins. After you have selected the tier and team, you need to select the difficulty to start with World Series. Mentioned below are the best teams with their tiers:

best teams march to october mlb the show 22
Image Source – Greedo Plays on YouTube.

Best Favourites Team


My personal choice would be to go for the New York Yankees. All of their players have an overall stat above 81. Alternatively, you can also select the Los Angeles Dodgers that won the World Series in 2020. Their team player with the lowest stat has an 84 OVR stat. Also, Clayton Kershaw can to single-handle most of the players coming in your way.

Best Contenders Team

While the OVR stats of the players in the team might be uneven, we suggest going for Philadelphia Phillies. The OVR stats of all the players are above 80. Their defense is extremely strong as their Right Fielder (RF) has an overall stat of 95. Alternatively, you can also go for San Diego Padres. Their Third Baseman (3B), Manny Machado has the highest overall stat on the team.


Best Underdogs Team

You can pick the Kansas City Royals if you are looking for a balance between offense and defense. Or you can go for the Kansas City Royals. These teams have all of their players with 75+ overall stat.

Best Longshots Team


This tier has lesser chances of winning the World Series but with the right team, things might change. Cincinnati Reds is a good choice to proceed with the March to October season. Most of the team’s players have an overall stat above 77. You can also pick the Baltimore Orioles as they have a strong defense team. Or you can choose the Texas Rangers if you are looking for a challenge.

While we have listed our choice for the March to October teams, it’s totally up to you to explore. Some of the experienced players wish to play in a team with a low OVR stat for a better challenge.

That’s all on the best teams to use for March to October in MLB the Show 22. If you liked this guide, you can check out our other guides on All pitching settings explained, how to upgrade players, and how to get called up in MLB the show 22 right here on Gamer Tweak.