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MLB The Show 22: Best Pitching Interface Style

Check out our guide to know the best Pitching Interface style in MLB the Show 22.

Pitching is the most crucial aspect of baseball as well as MLB the Show 22. With the new season, MLB has introduced a lot more new gameplay elements for sluggers and pitchers alike. While there are several options to customize in pitching settings, setting your pitching style right can help strike a batter. So, here’s our guide on the best pitching style in MLB the Show 22.

Best Pitching Interface Style in MLB the Show 22


In total, there are 5 Pitching interface styles you can tweak upon. They are as follows:

    • Classic
    • Pulse
    • Meter
    • Pure Analog
    • Pinpoint

mlb the show 22 best pitching style


  • All of these different settings work differently and have diverse mechanics.
  • For example, If you choose the Classic pitching style, you need to select the pitch, choose your location and let the pitcher handle rest.
  • But if you choose the Meter Pitching style, you can control the velocity as well as the accuracy of the ball when you pitch. So, what’s the best pitching style?
  • While it is the hardest to master, we suggest the Pinpoint pitching style as you can control the accuracy and speed of the pitch more suitably. You need to trace the shown gesture using the right analog stick. And you need to time that perfectly with the gesture.
  • But for the players that are new to this season’s MLB, we suggest Meter Pitching style. It is similar to the old sports video games where the meter controls the ball. In MLB 22, you can control the velocity and accuracy of the pitch through this pitching style.
  • If you have trouble using this pitching style, we suggest switching to Classic Pitching. It is the most simple and easy out of all the pitching styles.

You can check out our guide on all the Pitching settings explained for the reasons to choose that pitch.

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