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MLB The Show 22 – Best PCI Settings For Batting

Here are the Best PCI Settings you should use in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 is the latest title released by Sony & MLB. With the new release, take your Baseball skills to another level and beat everyone in your path. But to fully utilize your skill, you will need to fine-tune your tools, i.e. your Settings. Sure, you can have the best players & and the best equipment but what good are they if you can’t use them properly. Especially when it comes to Batting. To be good at Batting, you will need to fine-tune your PCI. In this guide, I will show you the Best PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22.

Best PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22


best pci settings mlb the show 22

In MLB The Show 22, PCI or Plate Coverage Indicator is the amount of area your Batter will be able to hit the ball with little problems. The larger the PCI, the better shots your Batter can make. PCI makes it easier for the player to connect shots. As such, it should be fine-tuned to be the best possible. The Settings you should consider using for your PCI are as follows.

  • Hitting Difficulty – All-Star
  • Hitting View – Strike Zone
  • In-Play View Offense – Medium
  • Hitting Interface – Zone
    • Input Type – Buttons
    • Analog Type – Flick
    • Camera Shift – On
    • PCI Anchor – On
      • PCI Anchor Dots – On
  • Plate Coverage Indicator – On
    • PCI Center – Diamonds
    • PCI Inner – Basic
    • PCI Outer – None
    • PCI Color – Yellow
    • PCI Transparency – 60%
    • PCI Fadeout – None


These are the Best PCI Settings you can have in MLB The Show 22. It is blatantly obvious that everyone has their preferences but you should keep your PCI Settings similar if not the same. Before jumping into a game, I will suggest you have a few practice runs with the new Settings as it may take some time to get acquainted with them. Once you are familiar with them, no one will be able to stop you. The only thing holding you back would be Skill.

This was all about the Best PCI Settings in MLB The Show 22. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like MLB The Show 22 Best Hitting Settings & View.