Time Wasted On Destiny & Destiny 2

Is wasting time on Destiny or Destiny 2 worth it, fellow Guardians? Check out our guide to know how to find the total time wasted on Destiny and Destiny 2.

Destiny series can take plenty of your time playing or grinding on different planets. Destiny and Destiny 2 are free-to-play multiplayer video game that involves completing missions on a wide range of planets. Often as players grind on these planets, they can waste hundreds or thousands of their potential valuable hours. So, most of their valuable time can go in vain. But is there a way to track your wasted time or play time? There’s a workaround. Check out our guide to know how to find the total time wasted on Destiny or Destiny 2.

How to Find the Total Time Wasted on Destiny & Destiny 2

You can head over to a website named Time Wasted on Destiny (link) to find out the total time wasted. All you need to do is type your Guardian username to find out the stats. These stats will help you find out the total time spent playing or wasting around the Orbit. If you are a Destiny player like me, you can waste an entire week enjoying around the Galaxy. So, this could be the perfect way to calculate your legit play time and wasted time.

total time wasted destiny 2

Along with these stats, you can also learn the time you spent grinding on different activities or missions. The website also ranks your total playtime among other Guardian players. Apart from tracking your play time or wasted time, you can track the time spent being AFK. In addition to that, you can also regret your time wasted on the deleted characters. For some players, these numbers can be hundreds of hours while for some it can be thousands. Until the weekly downtime maintenance ends, this could be a great tool to evaluate your stats instantly.

In my opinion, whatever horrendous time wasted on Destiny or Destiny 2, is not time wasted. But that’s applicable only if you are a skilled player.

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