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Best Weapons For Gambit In Destiny 2 (2023)

Here's everything you need to know about the best weapons for Gambit in Destiny 2.

If you enjoy playing Destiny 2 and its PvPvE game mod Gambit then this is the guide for you as here I’ll discuss the best weapons for Gambit in Destiny 2.

What is Gambit?

With the Forsaken expansion, Bungie introduced its first-ever PvPvE game mode called Gambit. A 4v4 competitive mode where two teams of four guardians fight in separate arenas, killing enemies and grabbing motes (white, glowy triangles) which are deposited in the bank in the middle. 5 motes send a small blocker to the other side. 10 motes will send a medium blocker and 15 motes will send a large blocker. The goal is to fill up your bank with a hundred motes before the enemy team and summon your Primevil (boss) and kill it.

If you die while carrying any number of motes you’ll lose them and if your team can send in more than one blocker to the other side, you’ll start siphoning the motes that the enemy team has deposited and add them to your bank. The Gambit here is that every time a team deposits a total of 25 motes, one person from their end can invade the other team’s arena and meddle with their progress. In case the other team is fighting the boss then with each kill the invader gets, the boss will heal. This creates some nail-biting, clutch moments if the invader is skilled and understands the map, and is using the right weapons. Speaking of weapons let’s take a look at the best weapons to use in Gambit. Be it for add clear, invasion, or boss damage.

destiny 2 gambit best weapons

Best Weapons for Gambit in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has over 700 weapons available for you to grab so going over them one by one would be an impossible task. I’ll quickly highlight a few, including my personal favorites, and do my best to explain what each of them brings to the table.


An exotic earned from a quest tied to Gambit. If you play a lot of Gambit you know the pain this gun came with and quite frankly it’s one of the most exotic feelings and looking weapons in the game. Malfeasance is great for trash mobs and even orange bar enemies with its five-shot explosion and as a bonus Gambit perk, it does extra damage to invaders and taken enemies. A great choice for Gambit.

Bad Juju

Another kinetic exotic. While bad juju is not as potent as it was in Destiny 1 it still is a very good pick for Gambit because it’s full-auto, reloads automatically every time you get a kill, and gives you extra super energy for each kill. A great choice for quick add clear and super spam.

Chroma Rush

This beloved auto rifle was introduced to us in Season 14 and quickly became a fan favorite. Chroma rush is a 720rpm legendary auto rifle that quite literally is a bullet hose. For add clear, there possibly is no better pick than this bad boy as it chews through everything standing in front of it.


If you are into sniper rifles then you know how nasty Cloudstrike is. It cast bolts of electricity from the heavens if you kill someone by hitting the crit spot(mostly head) that does massive AOE damage. And if you get three rapid crits (doesn’t have to be kills)it brings in a storm! Zeus is pissed it seems! For quick add clear and invasion kills this sniper is a beast.

IKELOS SMG – Best Weapon for Gambit

Just like Chroma Rush this arc SMG sits in your energy slot and chews through enemies. The benefit is, since it’s an IKELOS weapon, with the right mods, you can spawn Warmind cells. And yes they have been nerfed I know but in close range, they still act as mini-nukes. So, bring your IKELOS SMG into Gambit and trust me, you cannot go wrong with this one.


An exotic arc SMG, the Riskrunner is special because of its chain lightning perk. You see every time you get a kill it sends lightning bolts that chain around enemies nearby, doing massive damage and giving you the power of Emperor Palpatine. Great for trash mobs as this can cover a lot of ground very quickly.


Ah! Everyone’s favorite toaster! Jotunn is great because of how flexible it is. It’s a fusion rifle that launches a ball of fires outwards which tracks enemies. I know it destroys in the Crucible and it’s no different here in Gambit. You can quickly dispose of enemies using this and this also acts well when it comes to invasions or dealing with people invading your game. Just keep an eye on your ammo count as this uses special ammo.

Witherhoard – Best Weapon for Gambit

Season Of Arrivals gave us this goop puddle grenade launcher and ever since then it has worked wonders. Witherhoard is versatile. You lob out a taken blight which forms a pool on the ground and if you get a direct hit, then it’ll tick damage the enemy which will drop a goop puddle on the location where it died. Witherhoard is good because you can shoot it and forget about it as it’ll take care of the rest. Great for add clear and decent for boss damage.

Ager’s Scepter

Introduced to this season the Ager’s Scepter is our first stasis trace rifle and I’d only recommend this if you are running a stasis build. You see if you are running a well-modded stasis build, you can get your super really really fast using this gun and then chain your super to get more kills. Alternatively, you can also use the charge fire mode if you have full super and do crazy amounts of damage with this gun. It’s a trace rifle, but it’s unique has some great functionality so I’d say try it out and keep an eye on your ammo.

Ruinous Effigy

Another trace rifle. If Ager’s can do a lot of crazy stuff then Ruinous is not dar behind. Again, it’s a trace rifle so don’t expect a lot but this gun here can summon small balls called transmutation spheres which can be picked up by anyone in your team and these spheres can do a lot of damage and bring a lot of fun into your gameplay. Ruinous is recommended because of its uniqueness and not so much for its potency.


Everyone’s favorite grenade launcher has been nerfed sadly but it’s still worth it. It’s like Witherhoard’s grandfather because this also fires projectiles that stick and od tick damage. Anarchy is different because it’s a heavy weapon so I only recommend it for boss damage and boss damage alone. Shoot a couple of shots, they’ll tick, meanwhile, you can use another weapon and add to your damage output. Despite the nerfs, still a solid choice for boss damage.


A rocket launcher that locks onto enemies and chases them across the map. Truth ain’t what it was in Destiny 1 but for invading in Gambit? 10/10.


Support weapon. This one ain’t a necessary pick for Gambit that for sure but extra giving people extra damage during the boss phase always helps. This trace rifle, obtained from the Garden Of Salvation raid was designed as a support weapon and it fulfills that role splendidly. Shooting it creates a bubble around an enemy that other players can shoot giving them bonus damage. It’s a good pick for boss help but I’d say it’s helpful and not essential.

Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper is a beast. It shoots lasers and maps everything irrespective of the distance. A solid pick for invasion as it has great aim assist, a good ammo economy, and being a heavy weapon it one-shots guardians. Plus it can do a decent amount of damage to the boss as well.


Back in the day, Queenbreaker plagued Gambit. That still holds true to a degree. It can carry a lot of shots for a heavy weapon. Is great for mapping enemy Guardians when you invade and can output decent damage to the boss. So, you can see why it’s recommended.


Xenophage has also been nerfed a bit but it still retains its ability and doesn’t have any damage fall-off. A machine gun that fires explosive slugs and is a great tool for invading. Since this gun cannot do crit damage, the boss damage output might be underwhelming. Regardless, a banger weapon.

Reed’s Regret

Obtained through Trials Of Osiris this is perhaps the highest damage dealing LFR in the game right now. And now with all the trials changes, there’s nos reason for you to not go and get one. Does stasis damage and with the right perk combination, this weapon can possibly deal the highest damage output to bosses.

Vex Mythoclast

Underwhelming last season but now a monster in every sense of the word. Vex Mythoclast is the perfect weapon for trash mobs and orange bars and thanks to particle deconstruction and the buff given to the weapon and its catalyst, the Mythoclast is quite literally the king of weapons in Destiny 2 right now.

One Thousand Voices

1K is one of the most revered and exotic-looking and functioning weapons in all of Destiny 2. Obtained through arguably the best raid in the game, The Last Wish, 1K voices is n the meta right now, thanks to particle deconstruction. It’s a potent, powerful gun that was always looked up to and yet never the go-to pick. This season is a different story and this gun has some of the best damage output in the game right now.

Eyes of Tomorrow – Best Weapon for Gambit

Saving the best (or the worst, it’s a perspective thing) for last. Eyes Of Tomorrow, obtained through the Deep Stone Crypt raid is a scary one. It fires 6 rockets that lock onto 6 individual targets, that have tracking. Ouch! As you can imagine, it can be a nightmare for the enemy team if someone invades onto their game with this. A spiritual successor of Truth of sorts this rocket launcher is deadly and everyone who knows and plays Destiny probably have lost sleep because of this.

There are a lot more weapons well-suited for Gambit in Destiny 2 but these, in my opinion, serve all your purposes. Makes sure to stick with us, here at GamerTweak, for more Destiny 2 updates.