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Destiny 2 Server Status: Are They Offline?

Having connection issues when playing Destiny 2? Check the server status to find out on what end the issue lies.

Many Destiny 2 players are looking to check if the servers are down. This is an amazing game which you can enjoy playing with your friends. But what isn’t amazing is the feeling of waiting all day to play the game but when you run it you get server errors. And this game along with the many other online games is no stranger to such issues. So in this guide let us take a look at how to check server status for Destiny 2 for downtime and check if there is any ongoing outage or maintenance.

How to Check Destiny 2 Server Status

destiny 2 how to check server status

These are the ways you can check the status of Destiny 2 servers:

  • Checking Bungie Help: Check out the official help page of Destiny 2. Bungie Help not only keeps the server maintenance schedule but also updates you about any updates regarding it.
  • Following up with Bungie Help Twiter: You can visit @BungieHelp on Twitter. The official page on Twitter also regularly posts updates regarding the game’s servers and status.
  • Checking your console’s online status: Visit the Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network pages to see if they’re having any issues.

Upcoming Maintenance Schedules for Destiny 2 Lightfall

There are no planned maintenance schedules for Destiny 2 Lightfall at the moment. The previous maintenance was on Feb 28 for the update which re-enabled the Destiny 2 Vendors, Item Perks and Mods, and Subclass option features. So you should be able to play the game now.

Are Destiny 2 Servers Down?

If the Destiny 2 servers are indeed down you will have no choice but to wait for them to be back online. But if the game and its servers are working fine and you are still facing trouble then you can try some of these fixes.

  • Restart the game: Restart the game by first properly closing the game. Once done launch the game to see if it works now.
  • Check your internet connection: There is a chance that when you check the server status, you find the game is working fine. If that is the case then there is a chance that your internet connection is causing you trouble. You can check if your internet works by playing some other online game or by running a speed test.
  • Restart your system: A classic fix is to simply restart your PC or console.
  • Refresh your connection: There are two ways to do that. For a wired connection, you can simply plug out the Ethernet cable and wait for a few seconds then plug it back in. And for the wireless connection, you can reboot your router.

That sums up this guide on how to check Destiny 2 server status. If you like playing this game be sure to check out our other guides on how to get exotic rifle in Destiny 2.