How To Find And Enter Tiefling Hideout In Baldur’s Gate 3

Looking for Concealed Hatch to enter the Tiefling Hideout in Baldur's Gate 3? Here is how you discover and use a hatch.

Cannot find Tiefling Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3? Here is all you need to do to discover the Druid Grove Concealed Hatch and get the entrance to the hideout. BG3 has many fascinating and adventurous locations, some are part of the main story, while others are free exploration and side quests. This area is accessed through Investigate the Beach or Find Your Belongings quests. You acquire these quests in Chapter One of the game. Investigate the Beach quest is better recommended for finding the hideout, and it only has four easy objectives. Read along to learn what these objectives are, and how you get to the concealed hideout.

Where is Concealed Hatch and How to Enter Tiefling Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Concealed Hatch

Completing the last objective of Investigate the Beach quest leads you to the Tiefling hideout, where you follow the dialogue sequence to see the concealed hatch. In Baldur’s Gate 3, the four objectives of this quest are investigating the music, helping the Tiefling boy, talking to the boy, and finding Doni at the request of the Tiefling boy. The last objective takes place in Druid Grove, and the hideout hatch is right beside that Doni Boy. Before approaching Doni, we recommend you complete another quest, Save Arabella, as this will give access to yet another quest from Mol.

Talk to Doni, he will say something, and you will get four dialogue options. Select the first one “Are you all right?“. When you say this, he will nod and reach for the hatch. Thank him by saying “Hey, Thanks for showing me the door“. Now you can enter the Tiefling Hideout of Baldur’s Gate 3.

If you are searching for the hideout through the Find Your Belongings quest, then while learning about Mol, you will find someone named Mattis. Look around him, and you will find Doni. Talk to him, and you will notice the Concealed entrance. Doni will disappear after this, so you will have to rest for the day and approach him again the next day. This time try to learn why he disappeared and persuade him. If you successfully persuade him, you will get to enter the Tiefling Hideout.

Use any of the two methods to get into Tiefling Hideout of Baldur’s Gate 3. And if you are looking for similar articles from BG3, check this Baldur’s Gate 3 guides list. Start with how to get Owlbear Cub, and then read how to Respec your class.