BG3 Find Your Belongings Complete Quest Guide

If you're looking for your belongings, then you will have to pay a visit to Mol in Baldur's Gate 3.

Completing the Find Your Belongings quest can be tiresome if you don’t make the right decisions in BG3. This quest is about a pick-pocketer, known as Mattis who stole your precious possessions. He works for his boss known as Mol, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to find him. Apart from that, there’s also a bug in this quest which we will talk about later in this article. So if you’re having trouble completing the Find Your Belongings in Baldur’s Gate 3, then we’ll ease it up for you.

How to Complete Find Your Belongings Quest in BG3

To complete the Find Your Belongings quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), head into Tiefling Hideout and meet Mol. However, in order to access this hideout located in Druid Grove, you’ll first have to complete Investigate the Beach quest. For a better understanding, below we have explained the entire quest walkthrough below.

  1. First, head to Hollow located in Druid Grove, and interact with Mattis to trigger the quest.
  2. Next, he’ll show you the ring and some tricks. Once he’s done, your character will eventually look away and Mattis will run down the ladder to enter a cave.
  3. After that, you can also try to enter the cave but it’ll be very small for you.
  4. In that case, head back up and find a boy named Doni. We recommend you save the game here just to be safe.
  5. Now, simply interact with Doni and select Turn around to see what he’s looking at option.

    Behind this Concealed Hatch is the way to enter the Tiefling Hideout Find Your Belongings Complete BG3
    Source Image: Wizard Worm
  6. And after doing this, Doni will slip between rocks that seem to be a passage.
  7. Now, simply investigate the rocks, and you’ll learn that there is no way to enter the passage.
  8. Behind this Concealed Hatch is the way to enter the Tiefling Hideout.
  9. To open the Concealed Hatch you’ll have to complete Investigate the Beach quest.
  10. In this quest, you’ll have to interact with the child down near the beach and defeat the Harpies.

    complete Investigate the Beach quest to access Baldur’s Gate 3 Find Your Belongings quest BG3
    Source Image: Wizard Worm
  11. Once done, the child will ask you to meet Doni again and tell him that you want to see “Dragons Lair”. This is a password that’ll get you through the Concealed Hatch and allow you to complete the Find Your Belongings in BG3.
  12. Now, head back to Doni to interact with him and select the option Doni isn’t it? I want to see the Dragon’s Lair.
  13. If Doni is not outside the Concealed Hatch passage, then simply take a Long Rest and he’ll respawn.
  14. After he appears, select the above-mentioned option and he’ll open the passage to Tiefling Hideout.
  15. Now that you’re inside the hideout, go ahead and interact with Mol.

    I’m shy a dew belongings mol bug how to fix bg3 baldur's gate 3 error no option to Find Your Belongings
    Source Image: Wizard Worm
  16. Here to get your belongings you will have to select the option that says, I’m shy a dew belongings. Many players are facing a bug, where the Mol is not giving the following option in BG3. As a downside, there are no methods to fix the bug at the moment and we’ll have to wait until the devs patch this issue.
  17. And after that, if you’re meeting Mol for the first time, then he can be a little headache. But you can always choose the option to Pay the fee or Intimidation to get your possessions.
  18. Once done, he’ll show you a gesture that you can copy or pass.

That covers all about how to complete the Find Your Belongings quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3). If you’re not happy with your companions, then check out the best Party Combinations for Combat & Utility. Also, take a look at the way to change the skin of your Dice in BG3.