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How To Rest In Baldur’s Gate 3

Not sure how rests are supposed to work in BG III? Find this guide on how to take a short and long rest in Baldur's Gate 3 which will explain things to you.

Combat is a crucial part of this game but even your characters need rest in between. Just like real life, taking a short or long rest will replenish your party members’ batteries. In this guide, let’s take a look at how the short rest and long rest in Baldur’s Gate 3 affects your characters.

How to take a Short & Long Rest in Baldur’s Gate 3


Instead of getting the health points or spell slots back on their own, there is a resting system in this game that you need to utilize.

For a short rest, you have to click on the icon at the top right section of the screen near the map. It will be right under the campfire and you will see a menu about resting. There are conditions, though, like there have to be no enemies and you cannot be engaged in combat at that moment. Of course, taking a short rest while you are fighting enemies is not possible. But if the coast is clear, go ahead and initiate the short rest.

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You will get some of the characters’ abilities, health and spell slots back. But for others, it can be recharged with a long rest only which takes us to our next point.


How to take a Long Rest


You need to visit the campsite and sleep in your bed to get a long rest in Baldur’s Gate 3. And yes, the long rest is long – eight hours to be specific. You can remove the damage effects from your combat with this type of rest. Now, can you take multiple short rests between a long one? The answer is no, only one short rest is allowed.

Based on both types of rests, you can decide when to go for a short or long one. The short one is ideal to use right before a boss or any other crucial time. Make sure to replenish your characters health with this resting system when you require, otherwise go for food or something else.

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