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Tears Of Themis: How To Listen To Private Messages

Find out how to listen to private messages in the game.

Tears Of Themis has a certain number of Main Story SR Cards wherein you will have to listen to certain Private Messages. In order to do this, you will have to first fulfill certain criteria in the game. Once you have the necessary upgrades and items you will be able to successfully listen to these messages. So, scroll down and find out how to actually listen to Private Message Cards in the game.

How to Listen to Private Messages in Tears Of Themis?

Tears Of Themis Private Messages: How To Listen
To listen to these message cards you will have to get certain upgrades.

If you want to listen to any of the Private Messages you will have to evolve and level up that specific card up to Level 70. You can find the list for the same below:

  • Artem “Staying Humble”
  • Artem “Darkest before Dawn”
  • Vyn “Spilling Light”
  • Marius “Butterflies”
  • Marius “Falling into You”
  • Luke “Once Upon a Time”
  • Luke “Together with You”

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You will need to upgrade either of these Private Message cards in Tears of Themis if you want to listen to them. This is because the Rookie Tasks require a player to listen to both Private Messages on one card. You can only unlock this feature when you evolve a card to Level 70.

There will be certain Main Story SR Cards that will have Private Messages. Each of these Audio Notes will have an ASMR-like audio clip. If you are at the beginner Vision tutorial, there will be a random Private Message card that will be drawn.

This is everything you need to know about how to listen to Private Message Main Story SR Cards in Tears of Themis. While you are here, you can also have a look at How To Change The Language In Tears Of Themis. You should even have a look at How To Increase Affection In Tears Of Themis.