Tears Of Themis Characters Age, Height, Birthday & Voice Actors

Do you want to know all about the characters in Tears of Themis? Read this article to know everything including their age, gender, birthday, height, blood type, occupation and voice actors.

Tears of Themis is a romance-themed detective game that features several different characters. Each character has its own unique characteristics. In this article, we will show you an entire guide on all of the characters in Tears of Themis – Vyn Richter, Luke Pearce, Marius von Hagen and Artem Wing. Get to know their ages, voice actors, zodiac signs, Chinese/Japanese names, photos and more info from their bio.

Tears of Themis Characters

Check out all of the characters in Tears of Themis with this guide.

Vyn Richter in Tears of Themis

vyn richter tears themis

  • Vyn Richter is a 27-year-old visiting professor at The School of Psychology located at Stellis University.
  • He holds multiple degrees and is a charming individual among his students.
  • His charming demeanor makes him a romanceable character in Tears of Themis.
  • Despite all of his charm, Vynn’s life story is one that has to be seen at more than just face value.
  • His mysterious life makes him one of the most intriguing characters in the game.
27 Male 27-Sep 178cm AB Psychiatrist

Luke Pearce

luke pearce tears themis

  • Luke Pearce is a private detective who also happens to be your long-lost childhood friend in the game.
  • He is 24 years old and is well-skilled in survival, tracking, and fighting.
  • Luke’s past makes him unconfident when it comes to communicating with girls.
24 Male 05-Dec 180cm O Private Investigator

Marius von Hagen

marius van hogen

  • Marius von Hagen is a young heir-apparent to the Pax Group.
  • At just 21 years of age, Marius cares little about rules. He is rebellious in nature and is a playboy.
  • This makes him have a less-than-appealing impression the first time you come across him. This is further highlighted because of the fact that you will be defending him from murder allegations.
  • As his defender, you will need to find evidence that will prove him innocent.
  • Marius is also the type of character who has more to him than what meets the eye.
21 Male 21-Jun 188 cm B Heir to PAX Group

Artem Wing

artem wing

  • Artem Wing is a dedicated and humble attorney who is also mature.
  • Despite being 29, Artem’s lack of any personal relationships because of his devotion to work and studies makes him awkward and intimidated during romantic interactions.
  • In the game, you will begin your journey as a junior attorney. This means you will work directly under Artem.
29 Male 26-Apr 182 cm A Attorney

This brings us to the end of this guide on all of the characters in Tears of Themis. As you can see, each character has its own unique characteristic. They all come from different backgrounds and professions.

Tears of Themis Voice Actors List

Japanese Voice Actors

  • Yuki Kaji – Luke Pearce
  • Junichi Suwabe – Artem Wing
  • Kaito Ishikawa – Marius von Hagen
  • Jun Fukuyama – Vyn Ritcher

Chinese Simplified Voice Actors

  • Titus Jin – Luke Pearce
  • Zhao Lu – Artem Wing
  • Yang Tianxiang – Marius von Hagen
  • Jiang Guangtao – Vyn Ritcher

Chinese Traditional Voice Actors

  • Chen Hung Yu – Luke Pearce
  • Yin Xiang – Artem Wing
  • Chiang Chih Lun – Marius von Hagen
  • Yu Cheng-Shen – Vyn Ritcher

Korean Voice Actors

  • Kim Jiyul – Luke Pearce
  • Jang Minhyuck – Artem Wing
  • Han Shin – Marius von Hagen
  • Hwang Changyung – Vyn Ritcher

Tears of Themis Characters Names

Chinese Names

  • Luke Pearce – 夏彦 (Xià Yàn)
  • Artem Wing – 左然 (Zuǒ Rán)
  • Marius von Hagen – 陆景和 (Lù Jǐng Hé)
  • Vyn Richter – 莫弈 (Mò Yì)

Japanese Names

  • Luke Pearce – 水无瀬夏彦 (Minase Natsuhiko)
  • Artem Wing – 左京静真 (Sakyo Shizuma)
  • Marius von Hagen – 和泉景(Izumi Kei)
  • Vyn Richter – 森月黎(Moritsuki Rei)

Korean Names

  • Luke Pearce – 강혁 (Gang Hyeok)
  • Artem Wing – 백은후 (Baek Eunhu)
  • Marius von Hagen – 유신우 (Yu Sinu)
  • Vyn Richter – 윤노아 (Yun Noa)

Tears of Themis Characters Zodiac Signs

  • Luke Pearce – Sagittarius
  • Artem Wing – Taurus
  • Marius von Hagen – Cancer
  • Vyn Richter – Libra

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