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How To Get Team Captain Tokens In Madden NFL 22?

Need Team Captain tokens in Madden NFL 22? Here's a guide to help you out.

Madden NFL 22 allows players to choose Team Captains and further upgrade them with tokens after a few in-game requirements have been accomplished. These team captains are essential in Madden NFL in the MUT game mode. Upgrading these team captains using tokens improves their OVR as well as their impact in-game. Here’s how you can earn yourself a TC token in MUT.

How to Get Team Captain Tokens in Madden NFL 22?


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In order to earn Team Captain Tokens in Madden NFL 22, you need to win 10 games in certain game modes with the Team captain in your squad lineup. Team Tokens are used to upgrade your captain. The game modes include playing challenges, seasons, solo battles, salary caps, draft ranked, and squad seasons. These tokens are easily the best way to upgrade your captain. A captain with a better OVR automatically improves the impact he has in a team, thereby influencing the team to have better chances of victory. You’ll notice how most MUT players heavily upgrade their team captains and more often than not, have him as the key player. Earning these tokens is fairly easy in the game and shouldn’t cause much trouble en route to earning them. Here are the best ways to earn them in-game.

Best Ways to Earn Team Captain Tokens


The best way to earn Team Captain tokens is to complete challenges. Completing 10 challenges and then progressing with the challenges required is fairly simple. All you need to do is head to MUT and locate “Challenges” then head over to the campaign, and select an easy challenge such as passing. Simply complete this 10 times and you’ll have earned yourself a token in the game.

How to Use Team Captain Tokens in Madden NFL 22

To use Team Captain Tokens, simply head to MyTeam and in Lineups select your team captain then choose upgrade and in the item upgrade application slot, apply the token you just earned. It adds a direct +1 ovr to all stats, thereby boosting your Team Captain.


That’s all there is to know about Team Captain Tokens in Madden NFL 22. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. Players have often reported issues such as Madden 22 getting stuck on the loading screen, Desync Errors in Madden 22, and  Community Files not working among others. You can find solutions to these issues and more on GamerTweak’s Madden 22 Guides section.