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Sons Of The Forest: How To Survive Your First Day And Night

Live to tell your tale with this guide on how to survive your first day and night in Sons of The Forest.

The sequel to the beloved Sons of The Forest is finally out and it’s even better than the first. The game improves upon its predecessor in every conceivable way. Sons of The Forest is very open-ended in its approach and players who are new to the series or the genre of survival horror might be overwhelmed with choices. Let’s look at a few tricks you can use to survive your first day and night in Sons of The Forest.

Tips on how to Survive your First Day and Night in Sons of The Forest

How to survive the first day in Sons of the Forest

The exact location of these places might vary from player to player as your starting location can differ. Down below are tips that you can use to not only survive the first day but also create a strong base for later in the game.

Don’t forget about Kelvin

It’s possible to miss the other victim of the crash, Kelvin. You can also just kill him for loot but we suggest you hold on to that impulse. Kelvin is a valuable ally at the start of the game. The best way to utilize him is to get yourself some food by telling him to bring you fish. He can additionally get you rocks and logs that can be used in crafting. It’s always good to have a few extra pairs of hands where survival is concerned.

Loot to Survive

Once you help Kelvin, start looting everything you see around the crash site. You’ll find some great food items, ammo, and crafting tools that will come in handy throughout the game. Be careful not to Hold down on E while picking up medication and food as you will consume it instead of storing it in your kit. Looting is the best strategy in the long run, so always pick up anything you can find while on your travels

Use the 3D Printer

Use the GPS from your emergency pack to make your way to the location of the 3D printer. The cave can be found to the right of your crash site close to an oval lake with 4 rivers flowing into it. Once you enter the cave you can use the 3D printer to make yourself flasks, grappling hooks, and other handy items. But the most important of these at the start is the Mask. Learn more about the mask in this Guide.

Build a Shelter

Open up your Guide Book and press X to bring up the building plans. The Small Log Cabin is the easiest to build in the game. The location of your Log Cabin is also very crucial, building in its tough terrain like snow is counter-intuitive. Look for flat land close to a water source like a lake or river. A river or lake is a great place for both water and hydration, building your log cabin close to one is a great trick to making it far in the game.

These were just some tips you can use to survive the first day and night in Sons of The Forest. If you survive the night, take a look at How to defend your base or How to get a pistol and other Sons of The Forest guides here on Gamer Tweak.