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How To Summon And Equip Broom In Hogwarts Legacy (PC, PS5, & Xbox Consoles)

Want to fly higher? Check out our guide on how to summon and equip a broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite not having Quidditch games, Hogwarts Legacy offers players an opportunity to use the flying broom. If you are a Potterhead, you might have wanted to fly a Nimbus 2000 or any other broom at least once. But while several players have unlocked the broomstick, they are confused about equipping or summoning it. Likewise to the movies, it is pretty easy to equip and summon your flying broom. So, check out our guide on how to summon and equip Broom in Hogwarts Legacy to find out.

How to Summon & Equip Your Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Before you summon and equip the broom, make sure that you have bought a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy. You can buy the flying Broom at the Sprintiches Sporting Needs in Hogsmeade Valley from Albie Weekes. But for that, you need to complete the Flying Class quest. As it is the story quest in the campaign, you don’t have to worry about missing this quest.

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Once you have bought the broom, you can summon or equip it by pressing the required buttons or keybinds on your supported platforms. But before doing so, hold the Tab, LB, or LT buttons to open your Tool Wheel menu. So, here are the controls to summon or equip the Broom on all the supported platforms:

  • Windows PC: Hit the Tab and 3 keybuttons simultaneously to equip or summon the Broom.
  • Xbox Series X | S: Press the LB and B buttons together to summon the broom.
  • PS5: Hit the L1 and Circle buttons simultaneously to equip the broom.

How to Use Speed Boost on Your Broom

While flying in the air with your broom, you can speed-boost to travel faster in Hogwarts Legacy. But note that, your flight meter will also gradually decrease. So, here’s how you can speed boost your Broom for PC, PS5, and Xbox Consoles:

  • Windows PC: Hit the left mouse click button to speed boost your broom.
  • Xbox Series X | S: Hit the LT button on your controller.
  • PlayStation 5: Press the L2 button on your controller.

If you are looking to increase the flight meter of your broom, we suggest upgrading it. You can complete the Broom Time trials around the open world to upgrade your Broomstick. However, there’s also another workaround to not deplete your flight meter. For that, you have to fly close to the ground without using any speed boost.

When do you get Broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

As mentioned earlier, you unlock and get the broom by completing the Flying Class story quest. It is the sixteenth main story quest that revolves around learning the basic maneuverability and flight travel of the broom. Once you have completed this quest, you can buy a broom for 600 Gold Galleons at Sprintiches Sporting Needs shop. After buying the broom, you can also upgrade the broom by interacting with Albie Weekes.

If you are wondering about its upgrades, check out our guide on the best Brooms and how to unlock upgrades for more insight.

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