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How To Drink The Invisibility Potion In Hogwarts Legacy

Read this guide to know how to drink Potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

Invisibility potions in the Wizarding World help your character turn invisible quickly. This is similar to the invisibility cloak from the Harry Potter novels that many ardent fans will recollect. After crafting the magical potion, players are tasked with meeting an NPC and consuming the potion. However, many don’t know how to drink the Invisibility potion in Hogwarts Legacy. If you are going through the same confusion, follow our guide to clear your doubts.

How to Drink Invisibility Potion in Hogwarts Legacy

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Learning how to drink the Invisibility potion in Hogwarts Legacy is reasonably simple. The same method can be applied while drinking other potions as well. Here’s how to do it on your respective gaming platform:

On PlayStation/Xbox

  • Firstly, press and hold the “L1/LB” button on your controller to open the Potions wheel.
  • Move your right analog stick towards your Invisibility potion and release “L1/LB.
  • Your potion will now be equipped. Simply press “L1/LBagain to drink the potion.


  • First, press and hold the “Tab” key to open the Potions wheel.
  • Now, hover your mouse over the Invisibility potion and release the “Tab” key.
  • Finally, press the “Tab” key once to drink the potion.

Your character will be invisible for around 4 seconds, after which the potion’s effects will wear off. You can use the Invisibility potion during battles or when you want to be stealthy. If you don’t know how to craft the potion, then keep reading to find out:

How to Get the Invisibility Potion

There are a few ways to get the Invisibility potion in Hogwarts Legacy. You can either buy the potion itself or its recipe from J. Pippin’s Potions Shop in Hogsmeade. While a single potion bottle costs 500 Galleons, the recipe, on the other hand, will set you back by 800 Galleons. To craft the Invisibility potion, you will need the below ingredients:

  • x1 Leaping Toadstool Caps
  • x1 Knotgrass Sprig
  • x1 Troll Bogeys

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With that, we have reached the end of our guide on how to drink the Invisibility potion in Hogwarts Legacy. For more tips & tricks like these, head to our Hogwarts Wiki page.